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How to reduce teen son's HUGE diameter BM's

We saw our son's BM in the toilet (he didn't flush) it was enormous!  3-4inches diameter.  He says it has been like this for years, has no pain or problems,  but I know this is not a healthy "size", (the toilets don't like it either, always clogging).  How do we go about "shrinking" the bowel/colon, the BM, whatever we need to do.  Maybe laxatives for a while, or a HEALTHY liquid diet for a week or two?
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As SassyLassie stated, don't worry. You should not be interfering with his digestion.

You might consider giving him a small quantity of metamusil ( a heaping teaspoon - no more) every morning and ensuring he is well hydrated, starting the day with two glasses of water.
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Hello Tweeter~I would not worry too much, if it does concern you, then by all means see a doctor, but, I feel that this is normal and it is better to have large, well formed stools, than small strings or pebbles. He may just be extra healthy in the intestine and gut area. In general, how is his health? If it is good, then I say you are lucky not to have him constipated.
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OMG...I know what'cha mean.. My son is the same way.  he is 18 now and the size of those things makes me cringe in the thought of the pain...man oh man...Um...
When my son was younger he would not have a bowl movement but every week and a half to two weeks..YES!..Really!..I had him at the doctors several times in concern because this kid could actually hold enima's back
he had a procedure done that sucked all the Poop out of him that had backed up all the way to his stomach.  he wouls stand up against the wall and in corners stivvering and shaking trying to hold his poops IN..it was difficult to watch and very embarrassing and we could not go anywhere due to a little bit would come out into his underwear and would stink to high heaven.  Can you imagine his pain!..OMG.. but anyway..he finally at age 6 (many sleepless nights for me).....he started letting it go in the toilet..YAY!...but he would still not go for a long period of time and they were HUGE.  I was always told or THOUGHT you should go once a day.  Gosh for him..every two days would be nice...So I guess what I am wondering...?  How often does your son go.  maybe  more fiber...  I will try this with my son and see how it goes....he will be gone before long so hopefully I can get him on a regular fiber diet to show him what's good for him...he has become very finicky in the past few years about what he eats....I will get back with you.
Try a natural laxatives......Baked  beans...  Prunes... even Corn...
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Actually, this is normal. Children and young adults have bigger BM's because they have no build up in their intestines. If you have small pebble like or thin ones it means you have constipation and or build up in your intestines. Does your son eat well, is he healthy? Ask your Dr about this but I think he/she is going to tell you this is normal. Take care. Remar
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