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Inappropriate doctor

I have written about my potentially inappropriate doctor before, back in November. I have a questions. I saw him the other day for a follow up appointment. He came in with a med student and greeted me with a chest to chest hug and asked me how I was doing. Then he proceeds to grill me for 10 minutes on my spouse and our marriage. I was puzzled and the med student was as well. So much so I could see it on his face. Dr must have sensed this and justified the questions with me having recent bariatric surgery and indicated this topic was of importance due to the nature of bariatric surgery affecting many marriages. I've been going to him for a year and he has never asked about my marriage before. It was odd, unexpected and was it really neccessary? Or is he fishing for information to see if I am miserably married? He's a nice man but is getting to close.
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It's odd. If you're not comfortable, you should either tell him or switch doctors.
I am thinking of looking for a new PCP, not really sure.  I really like the guy so it is a difficult decision for sure.
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if u don't want his hug, tell him u maybe sick & step back..
...maybe he's had some kind of experience w/this
and is on the level.
Idk, he tried to hug me once before when I was sick, he wasn't having any of it and said he didn't care about germs, but I insisted on a handshake.  
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You might want to see a new DR.  or just accept the fact you have a good DR. who is a pervert.  I had a great DR.  but he was a little pervy.  I took my wife to see him, he had her undress completely and lie naked on the table while he told me about the topless beaches on the Island of Crete where he had just returned from.  When he finally stopped drooling over my wife, he told her she didn't need anxiety meds, she should drink 8 glasses of water a day and not smoke socially any longer.  Of course she hated him, but I thought he was funny.  He also made my Mother who was a beautiful woman undress.  He was a great DR. to me he just liked to see naked women.

Another DR only had beautiful young females on his staff.  I had hooked up with this stripper.  She was working the day shift and I went by on or near Christmas Eve to see what time she wanted me to pick her up that night.  Guess who took a day off to go Christmas shopping?  Yep the DR. with the pretty young staff.   Needless to say I never had to go into his office again, they just called in my prescriptions.

But my personal worst experience was in Simpsonville SC at the small hospital there.  I had a terrible case of pneumonia, all the cultures had come back and it was bad.  The nurse was about to hang my bag of Levaquin but the DR.  stopped her.  He literally withheld my medication with my O2sats at 79 until I let him give me a prostate exam.  Seriously.  No pneumonia meds until I agreed to let him shove fingers up my butts.  As it became more difficult to breathe I finally said go ahead but if you're looking for my lungs I think you have the wrong end.  My Sister who was a nurse then ALF then nursing home Administrator for 30 years came back to check on me.  And she got him fired the next day.
That Dr. of yours for sure sounds like a perve.  My PCP is a hugger and likes to share info.  He has never seen me naked, which is a good thing because I am under construction...lol  However, my last appointment found him talking me into going to medical school and how he can help me.  He slipped up and said, "I need you."  Then corrected himself and said, "I need you in my corner."  He also runs hot and cold when I see him at church.  Sometimes he showers me with compliments and hugs me there too and other times he avoids me.  Idk what the deal is.  I am a nurse and he tried getting me hired at his office to be one of his nurses.  IF I go work there, I will definitely find another PCP.  Now the Dr of yours and that prostate exam was inappropriate touching maybe even sexual misconduct.  Glad he got the axe.  
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