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someone please help!

i have been having terrible stomach issues for the past year and a half. I have gained thirty pounds all in my abdomen, constant bloating and distention along with severe pain and disomfort. I have had a ton of testing down as far as blood tests, mri tests, ultra sounds, upper endoscopy and am scheduled for a liver biopsy in three weeks. They have found that I have an enlarged liver along with cists on it and a somewhat damaged gall bladder, other than that they have found nothing abnormal. They even tested my fat levels and they have not changed from tests I had years ago to see if it was just weight gain. I have an underlying problrm of congenital heart disease but my heart is working perfectly fine with someone with my condition.  I have become very depressed and tired and discouraged and I need help. Im only twenty years old and have put my life on hold to figure this out. Thanks for your time.
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    So sorry you are suffering this way.  It sounds to me like you will probably have to have your gallbladder out.  It is a simple surgery and done with very little problem -  usually laproscopic - they make three or four little holes on your abdomen and insert the tools through them.  They then cut off your gallbladder, seal off the blood vessels and pull your gallbladder out through the hole by your belly button.  You might stay one night in the hospital.
Gallbladder problems are so painful and some people actually faint or pass out with the pain.  I found that drinking grapefruit juice helped me with the pain before I had the surgery.
    Once you have the surgery, you will have to watch your diet for a while.  Fatty or fried foods make the situation worse.
     There is light at the end of the tunnel, however.  You won't be so bloated and uncomfortable.  And gallbladder trouble is so common in our country.  Guess it's the way we eat. :(
     Anyway, I wish you the best and hope that you feel better soon.   I hope the doctors decide to do what is best for you.
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Your stomach must be infected. Try Mox 500 mg and Flagyl 400 mg for 20 minutes, your infection will clear up and u will feel improvement in your symptoms. Avoid eating food outside.
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Hey, Im not sure about the weight gain I started getting worse when I was your age as well but I was so sick I got to where I couldnt eat or I would throw up so I lost a lot of weight when I was so sick from my gallbladder. Now that my gallbladder is out I gained weight because I have to eat or I get sick from the acid and even after eating I get sick with gas pains at times or feel nasous depending what I eat and my stomach issues tend to mess with my heart even though the doctors claim my heart is fine. All the tests you mention I have got done and they never showed up anything so I was like you and had to suffer for a while until I finally got insurance and got a GI doctor he did a HIDA scan on my gallbladder it wasn't functioning correctly so they had to cut it out. Sometimes ultrasounds wont show up anything if you don't have any gallstones so you would need a HIDA scan if you haven't had that done yet I would highly suggest asking your doctor to get it done. You mentioned your gallbladder was damaged if that's the case then they need to cut it out. You also could have a stomach infection but tests should be able to determine that.
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