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About HIV questions

Hello i am from China,I have two questions about HIV

1:She is a sex worker and she give me oral sex(20minutes).

2:I use my finger into her vagina(1minutes)and after i note a cut on my finger and also have dry bloodstains,i am sure is my blood...Very seldom

3:Unprotected sexual intercourse and Fingering are same activities?

4:So,What is my risk??has someone get HIV by fingering?

Thank you very muck

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1. Oral sex isn't a risk
2. Fingering isn't a risk.
3. Fingering and unprotected sexual intercourse are not the same.
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1.zero risk 2. The cut would have healed over--zero risk 3.NO. 4.Zero.
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If the cut was open and new but is small....am i had a risk?Fingering..

Thank you again
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NO.Hiv is not transmitted via fingering,cuts or no cuts and your cut wasn't open anyway.Let this go and forget all about it.
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Thank you very much.

But I am still fear FINGERING CUT .In China many doctors say"if your finger have cut and fingering,you had a risk".....I ask doctors"how much risk?"....doctors say"6weeks test,fingering cut is wound infection".....                 OH MY GOD...

I dont know my cut is new or old,but i know it is a small cut,have dry bloodstains..only these.....
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Your doctor is wrong and your cut was dry.Please stop worrying about this nonsense.You are safe from Hiv infection.
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Has someone infection HIV by Fingering with cut in worldwide?
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No and you aren't going to make history and be the first.
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Dry bloodstains not dry cut..............I hope i am safe.........
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Thank you for yours help...
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You're safe.Stop worrying and have a great christmas.
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Thank you,
The same to you.

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I'm come back

today i ask CDC and CDC tell me"if you sure have cut on your finger,recommended testing"

"recommended testing" mean i have a risk????

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U are not gonna be the first person that would have infected hiv by fingering.
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I don't want to become the first.

Thank you for you help.
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NO risk.  HIV cannot be transmitted in this manner.  The skin is comprised of many layers which provides an excellent barrier against infection.  The virus has to make it to the bloodstream, which is not going to happen with a small, superficial cut.

No need for testing...put this behind you.
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If the cut is big and deep can have a risk...?
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