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Accuracy of my HIV testing

Hi guys.Yesterfday I got my HIV result from the local clinic in Eastern Texas,it came back NON REACTIVE.My latest exposure occured around 14 weeks before my test.I know that 12 weeks' result is conclusive.However,I still have one question to ask you guys.As I know HIV cann't live outside the body very long,they die quicky outside the body.I had my blood drawn last Wednesday afternoon,according to the report,my blood might be sent to the pathological lab in Austin for testing.And It took 2 days for my testing to be done.Do you think my HIV antibody in my blood would have died by taking long hours to be sent to the lab?Is my tesing result accurate?So antibody can survivie in blood for many days to be detected?I am just afraid that my antibody or HIV virus would have been dead when blood was being tested.Then of course my result would come negative.Do you think my worries are gratuitous?Should I totally trust the result?Thank you!
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No because it is kept in a controlled enviroment in a vaccume where HIV will still present the anibodies.
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Thanks,Vance!So I shouldn't feel anxious any more about the accuracy of the result?I need trust my result without thinking "What if"s?
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So all the tubes for drawing blood in the States are of vacuum ones?
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OK,thanks,James.I think I should just move on now with life believing that I don't have HIV as my test result is accurate.
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Reread what has already been told to you
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OK,I will move on with my life.Thanks
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