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HIV Rapid Test (antibodies only)

I went for an HIV test in a STD Clinic. Before being tested I noticed someone else’s blood over the desk where the test was going to be run. The nurse asked me if the blood was coming out of my hand but it was not. I checked my hand and there was no blood. My skin was apparently intact. So my risk would’ve been someone else’s infected blood in contact with my intact skin. Even though knowing my risk was nil I got tested 144 days after that episode using a HIV RAPID TEST (finger prick) that only detects antibodies. The result was negative. Is this conclusive?
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I presume your first test in the clinic where you saw the blood was another waste of your time and  is 100% OCD driven. As this forum has told you numerous times before, this second test due to seeing blood is 100% waste of your time too. Your OCD is making you test for something you don't have, then you think you have to test again for the same disease that you think you got during the test! My advice to you is to get therapy for your OCD every time you think you need a test because you DON'T actually need the test and the test you take (thinking it will relieve the fear)  just makes you imagine you got infected again and the fear remains.


Previous advice was > "I suggest you seek therapy instead of living like this. This forum can't provide any OCD therapy which is your ONLY problem."
"My OCD is on fear of HIV and nothing else. It has caused so much damage to my personal life that I really can’t be more honest than that. "
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Wow, yes your test was loooooonnnnnggggg conclusive as in it would turn positive a long time before that.

Not that it would have ever turned positive you can not catch HIV through intact skin, but your test has proven that now.

Hope that’s ok.
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Thank you! Just for kmowledge reasons….what’s the window period for an HIV RAPID TEST that only detects antibodies?
They say 12 week for absolute conclusiveness.

But they are good before then to various different levels.

Personally I have never seen a study that has proven anyone becoming positive after 8 weeks so I’m not sure where the 12 week thing comes in to play. But the designers of the test and the CDC or Bashh say 12 week.

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