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HIV worry

Hello all,
I had a sexual encounter with a women, I was on top. HIV status of women is unknow. I took DNA PCR on 11th day and it came back negative. Also I took HIV duo antigen-antibody test on 18th day and it was negative. Again took HIV duo on 28th day and came out negative. Can I take these test as good indication of me being HIV negative. When would you advice me to take next test.
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Your Negative result at 28th day with a IV Gen HIV test implies that you have conclusively tested negative and you don't require any further testing.

You must not worry any more.
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Thanks.. have a great day
Hi all
I just have one confusion. The test I took is HIV duo test which was done by ECLIA method which also detects p24 antigen. Is this a 4th generation test ? Is it as good as ECMIA 4th generation test ?
Yes, you were tested on a 4th Generation HIV test that looks for HIV Antibody and p24 antigen. ECLIA, ECMIA CLIA, ELFA, ELIA etc.  are just different methods of testing assays.

As long as you are negative, you don't have HIV. Quit reading too much online, take your negative and move forward with life. Remember curiosity killed the cat.
Thanks a lot...that was very very releiving...yeah I am reading too much.
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