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Hiv real risk

hello. what I will ask I know will seem paranoid but anxiety has changed everything. 2 months ago I got the pfizer vaccine. the staff conducting the vaccination was not very transparent in the procedures. the questions that are bothering me are. if someone inadvertently injects a quantity of HIV blood into the vaccine bottle can it infect or  the vaccine component will inactivate hiv ? If syringes or needles have been used before in a person with HIV what is the possibility of infection. Thank you
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I think what anxiousnomore is getting at is that there is no reason to assume that they are reusing needles or that someone with HIV was given the vaccine before you randomly.  That's what we call anxious thinking.  Usually when someone begins imagining these things, they have a history of anxiety.  We can't answer that for you but it would strongly be suspected both from your question and your urgency and level of worry.  Treatment for anxiety is available.  The Us, Europe, in fact, most of the world follows protocols and those that don't make the news.  There is no reason at all to suspect that the health agency that is providing vaccines to help people not get covid and not risk death are using used needles that might spread disease.  Think about that. Okay?  

Injecting with a used needle is a risk. But you know that.  This didn't happen.  The vaccine component question doesn't make sense and would impact nothing related to hiv. What would? Proper protocol which your country would be on the news if it didn't follow.  So, please talk to someone about anxiety and see if you can not have these fears so easily.
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Yes, your idea is paranoid. Seek therapy because "the staff" at the place you went, or at any other healthcare facility don't inject patients with hiv.
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Your question is NOT rational in any way.  A healthcare worker could not accidentally put HIV blood into a vaccine vial.  The person would have to perform a blood draw on an HIV+ person, presumably for a medical test.  Then, the healthcare worker would have to go to the vaccine storage area, open a vaccine vial, and inject the HIV+ blood into the vial - DELIBERATELY.  This would, of course, mean that whatever purpose they drew the blood from the HIV+ person is now void, and how are they going to explain that? "Sorry, supervisor.  I drew the blood for the test and then I did something else with it so there's no test results."

This is an illogical and irrational scenario that involves a healthcare worker deliberately trying to infect YOU - specifically YOU - with HIV, which would destroy that worker's career and likely send them to prison.  I don't know about you, but I know I'm not important enough that a stranger would want to take me down and go to prison for it.

If your anxiety is unbearable, then you should definitely seek out counseling ASAP.  This has nothing to do with HIV - your crippling anxiety is the issue here, and you should address that.
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