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I received unprotected oral and kissed an HIV+ man, noticed a scratch on face.

hello, I’m a male and two weeks ago I met another guy. He sucked my penis a few times, and he deep kissed me a few times and then told me he was hiv positive. My question is what if his blood was mixed in with his saliva and entered my mouth or got on my penis head when he was sucking my penis. I tend to bite my cheeks and my gums tend to bleed sometimes after brushing. I had brushed my teeth about an hour before this event. Also when I got home about an hour after this event I noticed a small hair size cut on my chin, maybe from the guys beard or perhaps his teeth when he was kissing me, it wasn’t bleeding but it did start to bleed when I squeezed it after getting home, was there any danger there? He also sucked my nipple and left a hicky around it, was there any danger there? In recap: 1) any danger with deep kissing, assuming there was exchange of blood 2) any danger in receiving a blow job (did not cum) 3.) scratch on chin from his beard or teeth 4.) him sucking my nipple and leaving a hicky.    We’ve known each other a while and he’s been positive for over ten years and is undetectable. Thank you for your time and help. Much appreciated.

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No risk at all.
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Thank you, may I ask one follow up. I see that oral sex is a negligible risk for the giver, what’s the difference in that, if semen may come into contact with the mouth versus a deep kiss where blood may come into the mouth. Thanks again for the help in understanding.
Can Curfew, Mike or Chima chine in on my scenario?  Would be thankful and appreciative to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks a lot for the help and your time.
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You were never at risk. Oral sex is not a risk. Presence of saliva restricts HIV transmission:

Below are the only risks in adult:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

2. Sharing needles intravenously with people who inject drugs.

I repeat, no risk. No testing.
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Thanks Mike, appreciate your response, just to clarify, if there was an exchange of blood via deep kissing, still no risk? Thanks again.
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No risk. The only ways HIV is transmitted is provided.
Thank you for the response
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