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Naked frottage, ejaculation outside, HIV risk?

My fiance and i undergo naked frottage he tried to enter inside me but he couldn’t only his tip since ii’m virgin it was at the opening of my vigana he also ejaculated outside but i’m afraid if there was any pre-cum i felt all the symptoms i had night sweats , flu now , muscles pain ( neck) back pain ( maybe due to the mild implication in the column) irregularity in my period , pain under my left ear ( it was inflammation i usually get it twice or once per year ) respiratory problems maybe due to smoking . I did an hiv 4th deneration rapid test ( they said it’s accurate after 3 weeks )at day 43 it was negative then retested the same way day 72 it was also negative and blood draw in the lab at day (81 or 82) it was negative too . My fiance said his was exposure was 2 years ago he test (blood draw) 2 weeks ago and it was negative . Do u think my tests are conclusive or i should repeat then now i’m so scared and panicked plz help me i’m afraid of any pre-cum . Why did i have all these symptoms . Waiting ur response try to help me plz
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You were never at risk from this exposure, no matter what.  I will repeat a final time:  the only sexual risk for HIV is when a penis is INSIDE a vagina or anus, unprotected.  

Please see a counselor for your anxiety.  It seems you are having trouble grasping the reality that you do not and cannot have HIV from this event.
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And are my tests 2 rapid (4th generation ) and my blood drawn ( Hiv 1+2 antibodies ) after 81 days conclusive ???
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Sorry again but im really worried just one more question if he’s lying and his exposure wasn’t two years ago ( just a thought ) would i be at risk from this exposure ???
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If he is your fiancée, he must be HIV negative, right? HIV can't miraculously happen out of nowhere.

You were never at risk of transmission, below enlisted are the only ways HIV can be transmitted in adults:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse

2. Sharing needles to inject drugs with other drug abusers.

You don't need to test.
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Thank u for ur response he had previous exposures as i mentioned 2 years ago and when he he tested two weeks ago it was negative i dunno why i’m still anxious maybe bcz he he his tip on the opening of my vagina and i had too many symptoms till now  that’s what’s making me losing my mind it’s not an exposure when the tip touches the opening ? Does it need full penetration to transmit if he had it ( just a question since he tested negative )
Your fiance's test is conclusively negative if his last exposure was 2 years ago.  Your fiance does NOT have HIV and cannot give you HIV.  Also, yes - penetration is required in order for HIV to transmit, but this does not apply in your case since both of you are HIV-negative.
I wanna move on but my symptoms are facing me thank u so much for ur answers i think it’s something mental since i’ve been obsessed in this disease what i wanted to hear is that i dnt have any risk or didnt go through any risk despite his negative results  
You must evaluate your options to see counselor. Your fears are irrational, you don't have an HIV concern.
Ur right i’m already seeing a psychologist and i hope to overcome my fears
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