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Oral sex by transsexual prostitude for about 5 minutes

A month an half ago I received unprotected oral sex from a transsexual prostitude for like five minutes and since then I haven't had no symptoms or anything like that since like two days ago when I feel a little pain in my bladder like when you hold your pee for long time and then pee and I also have a little slight of sting in the inside of my tip of my penis and I check my penis almost everyday since that night and I kinda strech it to see and I don't know if that my be the reason why I feel kinda a discomfort in my tip and I also feel like my pee coming a little hot sometimes but it sting when it gets to the tip of my penus but I can barely feel it because is so slight sting but it comes and go and most likely it comes when I think about it or I'm sitting down thinking about it other than that I feel normal but I would like to get some help please but other than that I haven't had no other symptoms related to any stds at all and I'm very scared since I have unprotected sex with my girlfriend who's is faithful to me and I'm only 19 college baseball player please someone help me and I also asked that person that performed oral sex on me if she was clean and we discuss the situation and I interogate her about symptoms and she swear to be clean and told me that if she had sometimg she wouldn't be doing that and wouldve kill her self or whatever but this slight discomfort in my top of my penis is driving me crazy and I haven't had no discharge or anything like that at all but I'm scared to death honestly I just want to continue my life and forget about that and not ever do that again in my life.
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No HIV risk.
STD questions post in the STD forum
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Thank you so much  and I defitnitly will post it on studs forum
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