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Protected Sex with drugs addicted random girl

I’m married guy and I went to vacation in Barcelona. Now I’m home, 2 days ago I met a girl in the street we both was drunk and she was on drugs as she said cocaine and other type she’s half Spanish and half Colombian as she said to me I’m not a cw.
Anyways I let her come to my hotel we frenched kiss each others and when I get naked she told we need to get Condoms . And she let me went down and buy a condom from pharmacy and come back she performed to me protected oral sex and vaginal and seconds of anal sex just 2 times.

I was afraid because she asked for condom.

But in the same time I don’t know her she’s random girl and really she was sedated.

So is french kiss and protected oral and sex with this girl is risk, can I sleep with my wife.

NOTED she asked for condom she refused to put her mouth in my penis till I bought condom.

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You had protected sex and the protection did not fail during sex, therefore your risk never existed. The girl was wise and careful for herself because you were also a random guy for her. So asking for a condom was good for both of you.
You do not need any test and you are fine.....
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Thanks for ur Answer, even if she’s an addicted drugs girl, maybe she slept with people with no awareness. Is it possible with French kiss or something
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You didn't have ANY risk for HIV.   Risks for HIV are:
1) unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous drug needles.

It doesn't matter if she is addicted to drugs or not.  If you did not engage in either of the activities mentioned above, you did not have any risk for HIV.
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Please I forgot this case but 1 week till now I’ve felt pain little bit in my left chest . I’m afraid that it’s Pneumonia. I heard it’s a symptom of HIV. I don’t face any other symptoms just this feeling. Maybe from smoking .
Protected sex with any kind of condom is still enough to be safe ?
You asked this on your own thread and have already been answered that you didn't have a risk because you used a condom. That includes all condoms.
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This isn't related to HIV.  As it has already been said, you had no risk at all so it is not possibly related to HIV.  And HIV is not ever diagnosed by symptoms.  You are right that this is very much more likely to be due to your smoking than anything else.  
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