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Risk of HIV, Herpes, and Hep C...

I know I made some horrible decisions. Obviously stupid, but adrenaline and libido conquer logic.

Last night, I (Male) had unprotected sex (oral both ways, and vaginal) with an escort (Female) I found on a site akin to craigslist. She was around 30, and claimed to have her tubes tied, which was supposed to alleviate concerns about pregnancy, but obviously not for STIs. I'm still extremely concerned about her getting pregnant for one.

But about an hour later, I went to an acute care center seeking PEP, and they gave me 2g oral azithromycin (standard) to cover chlamydia, gonn, etc. They took a urinalysis, but the physician insisted nothing would come (I knew this, as I'm in the field, but worry had me try it anyways). He explained that I'm "probably fine", citing the low rates of HIV & Hep C given the amount of unprotected sex that occurs anyways.

Obviously, I'm still worried about HIV, Hep C, and Herpes, as the major ones. I got excited and was inside her for only around 10 seconds (just one of those days), and immediately washed my penis and urethra with soap (probably does about nothing to help, but I was paranoid), and didn't urinate until about an hour or so later.

Can anyone say anything to help me calm down, or hit me with some facts, please?
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My apologies, I thought you started PEP, so you'll have to forgive me for my misunderstanding. The best I can tell you to do is take a DUO at 28 days.
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I was only given the 2g azithromycin once (that's the dose; no need for a week long regiment). However, this antibiotic isn't effective against herpes and HIV, which is what scares me. I literally always question whether I have a sore, feel a bump, feel a burn, etc. and it keeps me up at night.
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You have had a risk for HIV.  However, you have started a PEP which is very effective in preventing transmission.  You honestly probably did not need it, but the fact you are on it should ease your mind and make you believe you will test negative.  Test at 28 days with a DUO test AFTER your last dose of PEP for a conclusive result.  Expect a negative.  
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