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Risk of HIV Transmission when condom breaks?

Last night I had sex with a hookup. I placed the condom on my penis and immediately when I inserted my penis into her vagina it broke due to too much friction. I immediately pulled out and noticed that my penis head was exposed. What is the risk of hiv transmission and should I consider taking PEP?
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Sorry about the condom broke.  That does mean you had an actual risk, unfortunately. But as stated, it is low for a one time exposure like this. Less than 1 percent.  I sincerely doubt she had HIV or that you would get HIV from this. PEP is typically reserved for an exposure with someone KNOWN to have HIV. It's kind of hard to take with side effects.  It's up to you if you want to talk to your doctor about it but I don't think it is needed (and has to be taken within 72 hours). I'd personally stay really busy for the next month and take a 4th generation DUO at 28 days to confirm you are negative.  
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Was the hookup a sex worker and did she ask for you to use a condom? Can you find when she tested last?
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Not a sex worker, and yes we both agreed to use a condom. I’ll ask her about it and see if she responds
So far she isn’t responding as it was just a regular one night stand
You had virtually no risk but I would test with a duo after 1 month or any other after 3. If she always uses a condom then she will be negative so I wouldn't worry while waiting.

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