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Sex with prostitute while on vacation

While on vacation I had protected oral and vaginal sex with two sex workers with one she got very wet and her fluids got all over my body the condom didn’t break but I had a wart on my private area and after wards it began to shrink when I returned home a few days later I noticed I began losing weight and lymph nodes in my face began to feel sore I also began getting a small red rash on my face similar to Eosinophilic Folliculitis and stomach pains so I began to get worried. I have had no fever etc a few weeks later a female I have been dealing with began having similar symptoms my question is what’s the risk of acquiring hiv through this experience and could I have gotten exposed through the wart and the virus is the reason it began to get smaller by killing the cells.
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Wasn't sure if you meant you had sex with both women at the same time or if these were separate encounters, but the important thing you used a condom which did not break. There's your answer right there. If the condom didn't break or come off, you had protected sex and therefore, NO RISK. As for the issues you're experiencing with your face, and which your friend is now experiencing, has nothing to do with HIV. I would consult with your PCP who will probably refer you both to a dermatologist.  
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Hello don'tknowwhatshappeing20,

You describe a zero risk for HIV infection, this includes warts that got vaginal fluids on them.  Congratulations for using condoms, they work.    

I would like to encourage you to read about active lesion/ulceration of verrucae virus HPV that could be shedding from your body.  I mean you have nothing to worry about as this is already something you had, and indeed the purpose of these forums is to educate people.  

Stay safe out there,

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