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Tattoo -- HIV risk?

I am really worried right now and can't concentrate on anything else.
I got a tattoo from a reputable tattoo shop in canada approx 2 weeks ago. I did not see the artist take out new needles because I was too nervous of getting the tattoo itself .. However, I later on asked them about their sterilization procedures (which they said that they use hospital grade-sterilization procedures, autoclave, etc) and he also showed me the sharps container where used needles are disposed of.
Now im experiencing white tounge, weird discoloration of my gums (is that even a hiv symptom?), scratchy throat, dry cough etc ..

Am I at high risk for hiv?

Thanks in advanced :(
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Move On ! You did not get tattooed in a remote village of Africa or Asia. In Canada, believe what was said to you, it is only your anxiety that is mounting. Your symptoms are not HIV related.

No risk of HIV transmission when using medical grade sterilized needles,
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okay thanks.

i'd like to know if the discoloration/darkening (brownish-purple spots) of the gingiva is a symptom of hiv?
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stop looking at your mouth- you're probably just noticing what was already there.
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