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The risk of HIV about 5 seconds of unprotected ananl penetration sex ?

Three days ago i had an encounter who asserted himself clean and got tested 4 weeks ago , i was the btm during that time and  got maybe 5 seconds penetration of his penis tip  raw and then he pulled it out ,put on a condom and compeleted a nice sex .We used sufficent lube so there was no too serious pain when got penetration by fingers or penis . I didn't think he got pre cum cuz he was wearing a penis ring , so i am here to ask if anyone with ur greate expertise on the chance of me contracting HIv ? Any reply would be much appreaciated , thank you !
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5 seconds of penetration with the tip of the penis? Are you sure it was penetration or you are just wondering it to be? Perhaps rubbing or your anal opening touching the penis isn't exactly a penetration.

If indeed, it was penetration, despite of the fact that it was anal intercourse, it can be deemed as low risk event due to the brief exposure. Also, assurance offered to you by your partner can't be ignored, people usually don't lie about their HIV status.

If you are confident that there was penetration, you can take the test. Details of the test and timeline is already provided by my fellow volunteers.
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Thank you ,mister ! very useful advice ,best wish to you
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I agree.  You will need to test at the appropriate time which is 28 days or beyond with a 4th generation duo test.  The odds are low from a one time exposure of less than 2 percent. I would try not to overly worry but do get tested.
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thanks ! i will get a test when time due
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Unprotected sex carries a risk for HIV, assuming your partner is HIV positive. If your partner is HIV negative, then obviously it's not a risk. But if your partner is HIV positive then you had a risk and you will need to get tested. A 4th generation duo test is conclusive anytime 28 days after exposure.
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thx for your kind help !
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