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Update on Case: Abnormally High EBV Levels

Hey guys, Two weeks ago I was tested for several things, including HIV again, due to the following symptoms: fatigue and generalized lymphadenopathy that is painful and lasting for 7 weeks (at this point). The only thing I tested positive for was EBV. However, my levels were extremely high.
EBV early antigen IGG: 124 (positive is greater than 10.9)
EBV AB VCA IGG: >600 (pos is greater than 21.9)
EBV Nuclear antigen AB IGG: >600 (pos is greater than 21.9)

Basically, I have had a reactivation of this virus.
I am extremely scared and concerned because I've read that a compromised immune system, such as having early infection with HIV, causes a reactivation of EBV. In late April, I had an oral sexual encounter with a male of unknown status and I have been very anxious about HIV due to these persistent symptoms. It has been 20.5 weeks since the exposure and I have tested up to 18 weeks with 3rd generation antibody test which was negative and an oral swab Oraquick test yesterday which was negative, too. My question is if the exposure in late April had indeed infected me with HIV and it had reactivated EBV, shouldn't I test positive by now? I asked my GP what the likelihood of my 6 month test turning positive would be and she said %1. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi there.

You do not need to test again, - in fact, you never needed to test in the first place, - if you have UNPROTECTED anal / vaginal sex you test, - Oral is NO RISK.

All this nonsense of delayed Seroconversion / reduced immune system are basically urban myths.

I would suggest that your GP is well behind the times, no one requires testing at six months any more, - even with a 3rd generation test.

As for your symptoms, - they are nothing to do with HIV, - your Negative result is not going to change so forget about it now.

I cannot stress enough that you did NOT catch HIV from the above!!!!!

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I appreciate the fact that you always provide such thorough answers. I guess I am just having a hard time accepting a conclusive negative result before the six month cutoff because of the weirdness of my symptoms and how there isn't really anything else that explains them. However, I'm doing my best. Thanks again for your responses.
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No worries.

HIV testing is like car safety in many ways, in the 50's came the seatbelt, the 80's the airbag, the 90's the side impact systems etc...  Old tests from the 80's needed six months, new tests need four weeks... it's called progress buddy.

You really can let yourself off the hook and move on now :)
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A "reactivation" of EBV is not uncommon at all, and certainly isn't anything HIV specific.

You do NOT have HIV, you do not need to test any further.  There's nothing more we can add to convince you...you have to do the work for that, with a mental health professional.
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Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. My six month test was negative, and I am working with an infectious disease specialist to find out exactly what's going on and why.
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Pleasure :)

All the very best.
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I feel you on this, when I was in the hospital a few months back, and having a lot of the same EBV symptoms I had when I had it originally in high school, I did a lot of googling (which was stupid) and a lot of sites I read said that reactivation of EBV is most likely caused by HIV.  I got freaked out as well, but then when I came to this site, I found they speak the truth here and no propaganda.  Nurse girl and James are two of the best on this site!  But I know where you were coming from!  
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The thing is, it's hard to accept negative test results when you continue to have symptoms that don't make sense and that you didn't have prior to the experience. Even now, most days I feel ok with my results, but then I have a flare-up of my symptoms and I start to get that fear that I somehow am the unusual case that doesn't fit the mold. I worry that maybe I'm the anomaly that has the virus but can't be detected on any test. Any advice?
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Move on.  This is an HIV forum, and you don't have an HIV concern.
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I was simply replying a comment on my thread.
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