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What are the chances of getting hiv I'm scared

Hi I have been worried for about year now, I had sex with a prostitute using a cheap bootleg condom a imitation of a famous brand, the condom didn't not break but since it was an imitation I don't know how big is my risk of getting infected,

Here is a short history of the symptoms  that I experimented

1) I felt weak for about 2 weeks after the incident with a minor mild fever 37.5°C that lasted the first week after  the incident
2) in the week 5 I Had a rash that looked exactly as that type of rash that appears when you scratch your skin very hard it looked like very small tiny red and pink dots the entire rash whats the size of a quarter coin, the area was very small and it was filled with those red dots
3) I felt weak for 3 more weeks but not too weak I was able to work and have my normal life but in the inside I was very tired and weak

During this year I had do a lot of research about symptoms and chances of getting infected and I came to the conclusion that the studies that talk about the chances of getting infected are based on viral load the higher the viral load the more chance of getting infected, also the viral load gets more high during acute state and in the aids state, I know that the prostitution wasn't in the aids state but what about the acute state?

What are the chances of getting infected if you had insensitive vaginal sex with a prostitute that is in the acute state? the studies says that in low income countries (I'm from a low income country) the chances of getting infected are 1 in 300 , but how the acute state increase those chances?? it could be 1 in 3?

I know that I used a condom and it didn't broke but it was an imitation condom from poor quality I believe I'm crossing my fingers hoping that I'm wrong that the condom was original and not an imitation but I'm not too sure
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It is not the brand but the material of condom that counts. If it was a synthetic  latex, your risk never existed. Do not pay attention on your symptoms, they do not mean much.

Since it is an year old exposure, go get yourself tested for a simple antibody test and rule out the possibility only for sake of your peace of mind, though you do not need the test
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i have the same rash , is pink and red dots and and my neck feels stiff and my shoulders is paining me, bt I don't have lymph nodes and am soo scared I had unprotected sex like 4 mnts ago
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