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Worried about HIV, am I at risk?

I was with someone for a period of 5 months. It was a monogamous relationship. Before being intimate with this person he got tested for HIV and it came out to be negative we also were having unprotected sex. Fast forward later on we broke up, and the last time we had intercourse was on December 8th, I got tested on the 14th for HIV and it was negative. Due to this I realized I tested way too early and should have waited. I’m not exactly sure if testing again would be necessary but lately I’ve been dealing with sweating during my sleep. It worries me that I could possibly have HIV but if I did it would have shown up by now from our past sexual experiences.

I currently had sex with a new partner and because this was a new partner we used condoms. I also gave this person oral. I’m just worried that I have HIV.
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Sorry about the break up.  The fact that this was a regular person you were in a relationship with is good as that sure cuts down on the risk.  You'd probably know if he had hiv.  But testing now would make sense to make sure.  Unfortunately, yes, you know the drill.  AT 28 days or beyond, you can take a 4th generation DUO test for an accurate result.  Get one and put it behind you.  HIV does not get diagnosed by symptoms nor would sweating at night be associated.  Just take the test and move on.

As to your new relationship, you asked a while ago and we gave you the risks of HIV transmission.  I'll repeat them again for you.  The risks of getting HIV are to have unprotected vaginal sex, unprotected anal sex or share IV drug needles.  Using condoms is a no risk situation.  Giving or receiving oral is a no risk situation.  People do not get HIV from oral sex (as we told you last time you posted about this on the forum).  Saliva and air inactivate the virus.  
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I’m just super anxious though because I’ve been dealing with the constant night sweats. I’m not sure if it’s from medication cause I am currently on Zoloft. But everytime I sleep I wake up sweaty. Not enough to drench or soak pillows but my neck and in between my legs are wet. It’s worrying to me.  I’ve talked to my ex and he has told me numerous times he has never cheated, but due to my ocd and anxiety I find myself constantly thinking I have something.
You have ocd and anxiety, so keep fixating on hiv that you are self diagnosing. This fixation makes you more anxious. Seek therapy because the first step to peace for you is to learn to stop studying your body - waste of time.
hiv docs can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to them. You are wasting your time explaining any symptoms here because no one pays attention to anyone's claims of symptoms.
If this started after you started taking the Zoloft, that's the likely culprit.  If you're still suffering from constantly thinking anxious thoughts, it's also not working at the dose you're on.  Might not be the right med for you.  Therapy might fix this, whereas meds will only treat the symptoms.  But ssris often cause the sweats.  It's more common with Lexapro, but can happen with any of them.  As for having sex with people, you can never trust what anyone says.  This is sad but it's just true.  Nobody ever admits to cheating.  Now, we do have to trust our regular partners, so that wasn't a wrong thing to do.  I'd say the chances of you having HIV are very low, so your worrying is the anxiety more than anything else.  So again, if you're on a med and you're still this anxious, it isn't working very well, and even when you're on one, therapy is important because meds don't cure anxiety, they just treat the symptoms.  And they can cause night sweats.  When I was on Lexapro and Celexa I took a lot of showers!
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