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hiv from a practice injection pad?

when I was in clinical for my nursing school I accidentally poked myself with a insulin needle that was not used on another person but had been previously used on a practice injection pad. I washed and rinsed the area and disposed of the needle right away. My concern is that if another student were poke them self with a needle and still continue to use that needle in the pad, would the blood in the pad be able to go onto my insulin needle and cause an infection(the school just opened up after 4 weeks of being closed)
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There is a zero percent chance of getting HIV in that manner.  HIV does not survive on inanimate objects.  Unless you took a syringe (vacuum) full of HIV blood and injected yourself with it, you're not going to get HIV from a needle, either.
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Thank you for your response, just to confirm, HIV would not be able to live in a sponge practice pad even if it wasn’t exposed to oxygen on the inside and was getting water injected into it?
No. Please read her response carefully she answered your question at the first go. Below are the only risk for transmission in adults:

- Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse

- Sharing needles to inject drugs with other users.

You weren't at risk for transmission. Testing is not needed.
If you are in clinicals for nursing school, you really need to talk to one of your instructors about your concerns regarding HIV, and also, proper infection control procedures.  It took a few "what if" leaps to come to a scenario whereby you thought you could contract HIV, and you want to make sure you know the facts so that your future career is not hampered by fear of HIV.  Also, make sure to report any needle stick to your instructors.
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Nope nope nope nope.NO RISK.
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