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Tachycardia and Pvc's extra crazy this evening

First a brief history, I have moderately controlled hypertension, somewhat controlled tachycardia, mild Pvc's that only happen every once in a while, and severe anxiety to top it off. Over time I've had an various eggs, mostly normal, a year ago a 30 day event monitor, which showed the occasional off. An echcardiogram that showed only trace to mild regurgitation in 3 of the valves. I did a treadmill stress test that showed only a low tolerance for exercise. I've had heart enzyme tests that were normal. And I'm currently wearing a 30 day event monitor. Anyways moving on to my question, this evening about 45 minutes after eating dinner, I started to feel really hot, and my heart started beating really fast, with me being on beta blockers my resting heart rate usually runs between 60 and 75. This evening when this started its been running between 93 and 99, which yes I know isn't super high, I've seen higher, but for the circumstances it is high, and the whole while, that feeling that I get that they say it's pvcs, was happening every few minutes whereas usually it only happens every few days once or twice. Also been having allot of weird headaches and dizziness and lightheaded feelings lately as well as pain in my shoulder and my entire left arm, a kind of achey pain. So my question is this, the event monitor is by some company named life watch, are they likely to contact me or my doctor immediately if they see something that is bad and potentially dangerous? Because this is scary.
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Ekgs*** not eggs
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