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Valves Insufficiency

I have been not feeling right for some time now. My Doctor says it is anxiety. So I take Xanx when needed. But I had an Echo done and the doctor said it was no big deal. I requested my results from the Hospital and it says that I have a MILD PULMONIC INSUFFICIENCY, MILD AORTIC INSUFFICIENCY, MILD MITRAL INSUFFICIENCY and a TRICUSPID INSUFFICIENCY. Should I be concerned and should I see a specialist. I am often dizzy, chest pain, sometime I have tingling in my left arm, palpitations are always there and I sometimes feel short of breath even when lying down. I am 39 years old. Female. NO high blood pressure. Blood pressure is usually low. Not over weight.

Thank You, DLK
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Hi,I'm a medical student at paris,and I really advice you to see a doctor,specialist,because when u talk wbout valve insufficiency,you may need a valve replacement or something else,specially that you said that u have left arm pain from time to time,and chest pain...usually we can't ignore all of this,so try to see a specialist.
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MILD insufficiency is a very common finding and almost never medically significant - given that your Dr saw the echo and said you are fine it seems likely that your valves are, in fact, ok.  I would encourage you to call the Dr and ask for an explanation to allay your fears but take heart in the "mild" listed before the notation - you may want to ask about the Tricuspid insufficiency because no modifier is listed and as a result I'm not sure what to say about that particular note however typically when there's a problem techs are sure to note them specifically.   As far as your symptoms, it could be anxiety (which is common on the boards and worth keeping an open mind about), but it could also be something else.  Its important you're working with a Dr who will listen to you and in whom you have confidence.  If you haven't had a physical recently it might be worth going in for a yearly physical with typical bloodwork etc. - checking in a primary care doc who listens is always a good idea when you're having symptoms.  Don't be afraid to seek a second opinion if you feel it is necessary.  Best of luck
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