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my heart rate is dropping below 60

Ive been in and out of the hospital for muscle pains(undiagnosed) chest pains(undiagnosed) epididimydus,ortitus and hormone deficiencies, im on dilaudid,oxycontin,valium,cortisone,protonix,doxycycline, and levafloxacin, flovent, pulmacort, proair, my resting heart rate is anywhere between 65-80 and right now its dropping to 53 and if i get close to sleep even lower ive been bed riddin and sick will i wake up if i fall asleep or will my heart stop im not in good physical condition i havent even been abe to work for 3 months i was having problems with my heart rate 115-145 resting and nw its the opposite, i was discharged tonight with hospital laxative for the fact ive had no real bowel movement in two weeks ( due to those stupid narcotics am i going to die?
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I don't know about the rest but my resting heart rate is in the 30s make sure u don't have symptoms.
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In the 30's? Are you in heart failure? Olympic athletes are known for low heart rates in the 40's, but that is rare. Resting heart rates are normally between 70-100.
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