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whats the life expectency of 35 yr old 10% ejection fraction patient

i was diagnosed with chf with an ejection fraction of 10% i am 35 ive been a meth addict for 20 years an iam recieving 8 different meds been sober for 8 weeks and i am very scared ive had a second opinion in 2 states and there both the same. plus diabetes
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Hi mikey35,

Firstly, congratulations on being sober for 8 weeks. It is a major achievement.

Estimating life expectancy in heart failure patients depends upon a number of factors including age, sex (male/female), weight, degree of limitations / exercise intolerance, ejection fraction, the cause of heart disease, current blood pressure, and current medications. Other medical problems such as kidney disease, diabetes, and alcohol / drug addiction also impact survival.

There are 2 heart failure survival prediction tools: the Seattle Heart Failure Model and the Heart Failure Survival Score. For a young patient with an ejection fraction of 10%, the mean life expectancy is 3.5 years using the Seattle Heart Failure Model. However, taking heart failure medications can increase this survival to 5 years.

Rather than remembering these numbers however I think it is most important that you link in with an advanced heart failure service who can assess the cause of your heart failure and advise on treatment options available to you. Heart failure therapies are changing rapidly and expert care is required for you to understand all of your treatment options. If you have already commenced heart failure medications, take them as prescribed and report any side effects to your doctors. Some patients can have a significant improvement in heart function with medications but they need to be taken daily and under the supervision of your doctor / cardiologist.

Take care and good luck
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