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How is tachycardia normally diagnosed?

I am a 36 year old female, i recently had a total thyroidectomy including a 5cm papillary thyroid tumour. My thyroid levels are normal.

At my pre-op appointment the nurse indicated that my pulse was quite high (over 100 bpm) and checked it several times, we both just thought I was nervous about surgery.  Since surgery it has continued to be high but my blood pressure is low to normal, my GP sent me for an ECG and after receiving the results recommended taking medication for hypertension.  I am concerned the medication could lower my blood pressure which is already low and I am feeling that if there is something wrong with my heart I should be referred to a cardiologist.  Am I over-reacting?  Is it normal procedure to investigate further or just prescribe medication to "see if it works".

I would appreciate some feed back as I am not sure what to do next and my doctor is going on vacation tomorrow.
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Thanks, my GP's office called today to say they are referring me to a cardiologist.  I don't think he would have referred me if I hadn't refused to take the bisoprolol without further tests.  I haven't received the appointment date yet but I feel better knowing that I will have a specialist reviewing my case.
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tach is anything  > 100 bpm.  It has manay many causes including the benign variety such as exercise or anxiety.

I had tach this morning, I was at 120.  But I had a pill stuck in my throat that wouldn't budge and was starting to get anxious :-)

Since you have thyroid issues it's not unreasonable to seek a workup from a cardilogist for this.  Some tests are stress test, echo, EKG to start off.  go from there.
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