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Hypotension + bradycardia only at home

My brother died from a heart disease.  He was 4 years older than me.  However, the fact of his death never concerned me for linking any genetic relationship until now.

I have felt weak and exhausted for at least 10 years, yet it's getting worse.  The only fact I knew was I had very low blood pressure while staying in a hospital one day and on the day for my larporoscopy to remove a few tumors.  The nurses took my blood pressure multiple times back then.  Those were the only times my blood pressure more accurate.

Having said that, every time I went to the clinic/hospital for yearly physicals, my blood pressure and pulse were all normal.  I did tell my primary physician this year that i felt weak and tired.  He ordered eletrolyte through blood tests, along with other regular routine blood tests.  Nothing came out abnormal.

The fact is that I feel so tired and never have good sleep at night.  I do take some natural supplement such as 5-htp, valarian root extract, glycine, and l-theanine to help me not being so alert while sleeping.  Since they are not prescribed, they are not really helping much for my sleep.  I did try my primary physician prescription for sleeping aid, yet my head hurt and felt funny during the day-time, so I discontinued using it.

I jusy started measuing my blood pressure today many times already..  My sys has been between 89-108, and dia between 50-60, and my heart pulse between 48-70 (plus ONE time all at sudden 108).

It seems that my blood pressure remains pretty consistent, yet my heart pulse flutuates.

If I remember correctly the reason why i went to the heart doctor about 4-5 years ago, was because I felt sometimes my heart was racing from time to time.  Thus, the doc ordered a take-home EKG monitor for me.  Nothing was abnormal back then.

What happens to me?  Why every time I had blood pressure done at hospitals, the range was all normal.  Indeed, i felt fine and normal in the hospital.  nevertheless, almost everyday whenever I have normal routine at home, I feel so weak.  By the way, I have never smoked or drunk.  I have a very healthy life style.  I even follow CBT in order to fix my sleep problem (not realy help though).  I do cardio aerobic 5 days a week, for 25 minutes.  I used to do high impact before 2023, before I found out i had disc bulge and a little misaligned lower spine.  After a couple of months of physical therapy, I resumed low impact cardio exercises.  I also hike and bike once a week for 2 hours.

Guess what, I purposely measured my blood pressure after I did my low impact cardio this morning, my blood pressure was not getting much higher; neither was my pulse it was only 86...
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