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Irregular heart beat symbol on Blood Pressure machine

My daughter who just turned 16 and who has been having issues with dizziness, headache, tiredness, breaking out in sweats with heart pounding, hands shaking. She had a borderline echocardiogram but 30 days heart monitor came back ok. She is still having these symptoms so I've been checking her blood pressure and she will have the irregular heart beat symbol that will come up. Last night I checked it 4 times and each time the symbol appeared and I checked her blood pressure this morning and the irregular symbol appeared. I make sure she is still during the reading and that the cuff is on correctly. Do I need to take her back to the cardiologist? How accurate can this blood pressure machine be? It's brand new. I check my blood pressure with it and never get the irregular heart beat symbol. Is it possible for the 30 day monitor not to pick up and irregular heart beat?

I'm so confused any input would be appreciated. I'm really worried about my daughter.

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The BP machine is not measuring electrical activity.  It's measuring the time between the pulses (systoles).  If the timing is irregular it will show that symbol for an irregular beat.  There's no way to tell based on that what actually is going on.  There are dozens of electrical issues that can create an arrhythmia or irregular beats (pulses/systoles).  systole is just the a term meaning the heart's ventricles squeezed blood creating an outflow that you feel as a pulse.

If you feel her pulse on your own, is it irregular?  a regular rhythm to it, then a quick two beats followed by a pause?  Those would be ectopic beats either premature atrial contractions or premature ventricular contractions, or some other stuff that could be coming from the nodes or junctions that would have to be caught on an EKG to figure out.  Most usually harmless.

The other stuff you describe (dizziness, headache, tiredness, breaking out in sweats with heart pounding, hands shaking) possibly fits under anxiety disorder and would also create the heart palpitations.

personally I wouldn't read too much into a borderline EKG.  EKGs are often false positive or even worse, false negative meaning they don't detect an issue.  EKGs are a quick and cheap test but take follow-up testing of more value if it points in a  direction to figure out what's up.

If her heart, physical, and blood work all check out you will be left with endocrine issues (lots of blood work)
The echocardiogram ultrasound of the heart came back borderline that she had a couple of areas the IVSD was flagged at 2.9 with her predicted 0.81 with normal ranges 0.57-1.04 and the LVIDD with a -2.1 her predicted was 4.4 and the normal range of a 3.8 -5.0. We go back in 6 months for another echocardiogram to see if any changes are noticed. I haven't tired to check her pulse myself. I'll do that and see if I get that difference. We back to her regular Doctor on Oct 1. I'm hoping we get some answers. Thanks so much for reply.
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p.s., and if endocrine checks out, and everything else is good, diagnosis might be anxiety disorder / panic disorder.  Work it out with her GP family doc.  They see this all the time.  Getting treatment for it whether medication and/or coping skills will be the way to go,  
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