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Metoprolol Succinate and Neuropathy

I've had Neropathy in my feet for a few years and was finally able to get on Gabapentin for it about 5 months ago and the pain was way down to barely there most days. About a month ago my doctors put me on Metoprolol Succinate 25mg 2x daily and sent me to a cardiologist who upped my metoprolol to 50 mg 2x daily. In the last 2 weeks since being on the 50 mg dose my feet have started to hurt and burn mostly from the balls of me feet to my toes but last few days the pain and burning has slowly creeped up into my lower calf muscles and ankles. I plan to contact my regular doctor about this in the morning but could the Metoprolol be the cause of the returned increase of the neuropathy in my feet?
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Metoprolol Succinate is NOT meant to be taken twice a day.  It is a time release pill that should only be taken ONCE a day!  Metoprolol Tartrate is taken typically twice a day.  Same drug, same strength, but the Tartrate is not time release.  You should contact your pharmacist and physician to get this sorted out.  You're taking 50 mg. in the morning, and another 50 in the evening while the other 50mg is still working.  If you be taking 100mg per day, then take a 100mg Metoprolol Succinate ONCE a day.

By the way, Metoprolol Tartrate taken twice a day is pennies per dose compared to the Succinate version.  Just something to keep in mind.

Sorry, but I can't address the Neuropathy problem.
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