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RF ABLATION done 4/30 wed.

i ..d i d .. i t ..well if not for this site i might not have went forth with the ablation... THIS SITE AND ALL ON IT ARE GREAT!  thank you all!.....let me say that the hardest part of the whole procedure was getting to the lab to get the ablation done.. nerve wracking!  im glad i did it.and would highly recomend it to any that need it. after the body shave,papers to sign,and wires to connect,i kissed my wife and was off to the lab, there i joked with the nurses about being scarred and was laid on my back.within minuites i had been givin a happy shot and the rest is a fog. ..2 hrs of sleeping only remembering waking twice,twice during an ablation (felt raceing and fluttering,then calming..)and then woke to see the screen with me heart on it...3 wires in it.. then back out...i then heard the voice saying "im 99% sure that you wont be bothered with these anymore!"  got 5 of them..Y E S !!!  they released me after 5 hourd of rest.then   i slept all day wed, in bed all day thurs just to get a needed rest and up and running today.. still feel a bit of short of breath,(i feel because im still on my atolol,) got i few skip a beats yesterday .. but i think thats expected...again...i recomended it. and THANX TO ALL HERE!   dave
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Sounds like it went just as it should. Love those happy shots, huh? You're right - your heart is a bit irritated and will hiccup now and then as it heals. And seeing your heart on the screen with the wires wiggling around in there - it's like watching a science channel on TV. Hard to believe that's your heart up there. I remember seeing my heart during the first ablation. Fascinating.

You'll feel better soon and be anxious to try out the new and improved heart. Take it easy for now. Then go out and live it up.
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Hi Dave,

What great news!  But, you didn't mention the lovely hospital gown : )

It's amazing how weird it is to be in NSR after the procedure!  Modern medicine is incredible!  Yep, those extra beats are probably just from being poked and prodded, should settle down for you.

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Congratulations on your ablation.  Now relating back to my earlier message to you a few days back,  was this an attention getter?  Did the procedure and all that went with it get your attention (as it did me) and motivate you to work seriously on the other health issues?
I know it is early in the process, but how is your mental strength developing for the other battle?

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hi irene,yes,i only get about 6-8 skips a day..not bad.and that is cool seing you heart on the screen!.wild..

momto3... the gown..yes! nice! hehehe.... when the nurse was feeling around for my vein in the groin i broke the nervousness by blurting out "hey what are you doing? this is only our 1st date! (laughter).then asked if she would respect me in the morning? (more laughter!) it was just what i needed to ease my nerves...i think i hated the body shave more than the gown...

sweetwaterguy... yes! i am still i little short of breath. but im hoping its just either being 70 lb overweight and,or,my meds... as he requested me to stay on meds for a few weeks or so,then slowly go off.but i am starting my well over do diet! cany wait to get past the next few weeks to i can start walking ...my goal is 200lb by jan 09
and yes.. i am alot stronger mentally.. the last week has brought me closer to my religon .

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