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Why do I get the worst PVCs during stress

Last night I was walking my dog in a park after hours.  I am not supposed to be in the park after it closes and I saw flashing lights nearby.  Figuring it was the cops, I started to run.  As I ran, I noticed three spasms in my chest, all in the matter of 5 seconds.  They were separated by normal sinus beats but they happen all very close to each other.  It might have been bigeminy or trigeminy.  I notice I get the worst and frequent ectopic beats when I'm very stressed out.  For example, when I'm talking to somebody who is making me nervous.  I sometimes get bursts of 2-4 beats (flutters).  The same thing NEVER happens during peak exercise, at least not yet (god forbid).  Does this have any significance?  My heart seems to have a very poor response to sudden increases in adrenaline.  
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Just to clarify, the park is not locked and doesn't even have a fence, you're just not supposed to be in it after a certain time.  
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Well you might be an anxious person. Ever gone to a cardiologist? If your heart is normal, dont worry. A little Beta Blocker might do the trick
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