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pulse rate 230 after 5 mins. should i be worried

I have been suffering from premaure heartbeats but they stopped when i had the 48 hour monitor for some reason. but my pulse rate after 5 minutes brisk walking is 58 beats for 15 seconds so around 230 a minute. Im 40 years old, and weigh 8 stone 9.

should i be worried about this or am i just unfit?
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are you classed as overweight?

this seems quite a fast heart beat during walking, you may have a tachyardia by sounds of it or sensitive to adrenaline.

you could also have a-fib, this should really be checked out by a gp, and a cardiologist to make sure nothing serious is going on.

as long as you arent getting very dizzy or fainting then it maynot be serious but get it checked

we are not doctors on here n can only advise

good luck n let us know your outcome
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I don't know if you should be worried, but you should definitely get this examined.

A heart rate of 230 during walking is not normal.

An important point is if the heart rate is gradually increasing, or if it's going from slow to fast in one heart beat. The same regarding how it's slowing down.

I strongly suspect you have some kind of exercise-induced supraventricular tachycardia and you should get it examined by a internist or cardiologist as soon as you can. The best way to find out is by doing a threadmill stress test.

SVT is usually not dangerous, but having a constant heart rate of 230 during exercise definitely isn't healthy for your heart. I think you should stop exercising when you get this high heart rate, and ask a doctor for advice.
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As Kay said, you may have A-fib, but then your heart rate is usually irregular. Atrial flutter is also a possibility, but this is just speculation. See a doctor.
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Thanks for replies.

no I am not classed as overwieght, but I have cholestrol of 9.9 (taking statins now)
The treadmill test showed 178 beats at 5 mins slow walking, I got dizzy so they stopped it.
they said my arteries looked ok. the 232 beats were at the very end of the 48 hour period so may have got picked up but I have to wait for the results, they didnt seem too concerened as these beats were regualar as far as I know as I didnt feel any irregular beats while I was wearing the tape.
I have been getting very dizzy and had a couple of what I thought were panick attacks like I am about to black out and everything goes foggy, out of the blue and lose concentration.
I'm scared to go out, incase I over exhert myself as the pulse picks up really quickly.
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Panic attacks can increase the heart rate to 232 with sinus rhythm, but it's not very common.

What is important to find out, is if you are in sinus rhythm when you have a heart rate this high. This is not always easy to find out with holter/event monitors. The reason is: So-called atrial tachycardias are often similar to sinus tachycardia (normal rapid heart rate) at this high heart rates, because they are conducted to the main chambers through the same pathway.

You can rule out the dangerous ventricular tachycardia with a holter monitor, though. If your heart is otherwise healthy, ventricular tachycardia is pretty much ruled out anyway, and what is important to find out, is if you are in a normal rhythm or not.

I think you should just wait to your results are ready, and keep us updated :) I'm very interested in this subject because I have quite similar problems. It would be interesting to know what rhythm you have during the tachycardia events.

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