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Hello good fellows, need help on hepatitis B treatment

hello good members of the site, need good advise as i am diagnosed with chronic hbv.
My Lab Reports are as follows,
Bilirubin Total 0.20 - 1.10 mg/dl 1.9
Bilirubin Conjugated UPTO 0.50 mg/dl 0.8
Bilirubin Unconjugated 0.10 - 1.00 mg/dl 1.2
S.G.P.T (A.L.T) UPTO 45.00 U/L 24
S.G.O.T (A.S.T) UPTO 35.00 U/L 29
Alkaline Phosphatase 50.00 - 116.00 U/L 57
Gamma G.T. UPTO 55.00 U/L 14
Total Protein 6.00 - 8.50 g/dl 8.0
Albumin 3.50 - 5.20 g/dl 4.7
Globulins 1.80 - 3.50 g/dl 3.3
A/G Ratio 1.00 - 2.20 1.4

HBsAg (Quantitative): 14854.31 IU/ml

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Result:61 IU/ml

And i am 23 years old asian man. i am very hopeless because it has been two years and virus is going nowhere, please assist me in right direction. One thing also need to mention is i didn't start any treatment yet.
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You have very low HBVDNA at 61 IU/ml. Your AST ALT are low as well.  Based on these three tests and since you are not on any anti-virals, you are in a pretty good shape and more than likely in Chronic Inactive State. Get tested for HBeAg and HBeAb as well. I would expect you to be -ve for HBeAg and +ve for HBeAb, as is common with inactive carrier state. It wouldn't hurt to check those two just to be sure.
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Your ALT /AST and your liver function tests look good, especially for a male. Is your HBVDNA 61 IU/ML?
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yes bro,
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no body want to help me???
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