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Help me understanding hep b lab results

Hi guys hope you can help me as I don't know how to read lab results and my doc app it's not until next week

Got my lab results from hep B, I was infected 1 year ago just need to know if my body was able to clear it

Results are;

Hep A Ab, total   NEGATIVE
Hep B Core Ab, tot   POSITIVE
hep B surf ab quant  542.8

Thank u!
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You cleared hepatitis b and will be fine. I you ever have chemotherapy or TNF ALPHA supressing or blocking therapy, tell you doctor to place  you under the temporal  protection by tenofovir to prevent a reactivation.
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Thank you

This is driving me crazy as I have no idea on how to interpretate those results

My appoint is next week and by just reading over the Internet gets more confusing every time

I do appreciate your reply!!
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No need to worry, you are really fine. Your results are clear and simple.
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What is TNF Alpha?
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hey!   this is really good news....  please post your case in detail,      are you considered chronic for failing to clear with in 6 months?    may be some people take 1 year to clear HbsAg.
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I thought I cleared...

march06 why ur saying I didn't?
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according to ur lab result you have cleared!  you are free now but to be safe do what Studyforhope suggested
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I got scared again for a minute when u said I failed to clear...

Thank u both
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Tumor necrosis factor alpha is a master cytokine of inflammation and defense against infections, that also plays a key role in pathological inflammatory states like arthritis, colitis, crohns etc.
Several expensive infusible drugs are now available to bind it like eg rhe monoclonal Humira or the receptor blocker embrel to prevent it's action.

These drugs help against the inflammatory condition, but also weaken the defense system, so that suppressed infections like tuberculosis or functionally cured hepatitis b can reactivate.
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Congrats on clearing!
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