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I'm HBV carrier medical student

Hi i'm an internship doctor in Burma, recently passed medical school.
i'm very much confused about my career coz my dream is going abroad like US after taking USMLE. actually i'm depressed and don't know what to do. i found out about months ago that hospitals in Australia don't employ doctors with HBV or so,whatever, i felt like i'm inferior to others. so can anyone tell me can i be a doctor in US hospitals?? actually i'm great at my studies,i was one of the top 10 students in my medical school.
i can't tell my friends about my virus ,even my girlfriend, it's horrible, i'm depressed now.
i'll be really glad if anyone just reply me, i need moral support from people like me.

my lab results were
HBsAg - reactive
HBeAg - nonreactive
Anti HBe - reactive
Anti HBs - nonreactive
ALT,AST - within normal range
alpha fetoprotein - very low (about 0.03)
Ultrasound - normal
viral count - <500IU/ml (real time PCR)
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B6 and lots of ascorbic acid (vit C - in megadoses) arent adviasable for anyone with hemachromomatosis. Maybe thats what the head of hepatology was driving at

Best of luck to you! sounds like your on the road to a brilliant career!


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Please join us in our efforts at helping each other.
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Dietary sources of iron are not too worrisome though one should be aware of how much iron fortified foods they might be eating (cereals, breads etc).  Red meat should be eaten minimally but more b/c of the fat than the iron.  Iron supplements are a bigger issue.  Have to make sure you are taking vitamins that are iron-free which are easy to find.
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hi everyone, thanks for ur replies,

i'll try to help others like u guys, thanks for inviting me cajim.

About iron, of course, we shouldn't take iron supplements as many multivitamin tablets contain iron.

hey cajim, about chinese stuff u described, it's really good, as it consists of many vegetables and all they do is enhance our immune system, but about beef soup, i'm a little worried about u, as it contains a lot of iron. Occasionally taking that is no matter, but for everyday um.. i'm not sure, i think u should discuss with other people ,

with best wishes,
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I joined the member when my husband was diagnosed with Hep. B but it seems like my Hep. also is on active stage now.  I'm not sure how it's active because I was born with the virus by my mom.

My DNA count is 1,110,000,000 and since I have HMO I have been waiting for an appointment for a month now.  They've keep adding more test after test and now a referal letter to another doctor.  I'm scared without much answers.  and so far, I haven't seen anyone on this forum with this kind of count.

Could you give me some answer if you are studying in Hep. B?

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Hi Hurri,

I was in your position when i was first diagnosed, not quite sure what career path to take after grad school. Things will work itself out. It did for me and now im doing something that i never dreamt of doing and enjoying it so much.

I really hope things work out of you. And ofcourse people on this site are really really great!

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