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Please Help Interpret Results: Do They Indeed Mean "Immnuned"?

Hello everybody,

I sought help from a new doctor for unrelated fatigue problems, and asked her to re-check my Hep B status. She apparently chose the following LabCorp tests (and the corresponding results are included). Please help me interpret these results.  

Test:    HepB Surface AB
Result: Reactive (Consistent with immunity, greater than 9.9 mIU/mL)

Test:    HBsAg Screen
Result: Confirm. indicated                          Negative

Test:    HBsAg Confirmation
Result: Positive Abnormal

My doctor's conclusion: I've achieved immunity from HepB and I'm no longer a HepB carrier.

If this proves to be true, it would be the best news I've received in years. I don't want to jump up and down and be disappointed later.

Please chime in. Thank you so much.  

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As per the message you sent me, this thread is a good summary of dual positive:


Your HepA and HepC results and doctor explanation looks correct.

As long as your HBsAg is positive, you have Hep B.  Ask you doctor to run the HepB DNA.
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And also the following Hep A and Hep C tests

Test:        HCV Antibody
Resuts:   Hep C Virus Ab  <0.1 (negative <0.8)
Doctor said: No prior exposure

Test:        Hep A Ab, Total
Result:    Positive Abnormal       Negative
Doctor said:  Immuned

Thanks again.

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