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What is your experience about the following results?

I am hep b carriers for many years. I usually check you hep b virus DNA load. It is usually under 10,000 ul/ml with normal ALT and AST. This time I checked, it is 14,000 ul/ml with normal ALT and AST. Someone told me in the forum before. No need to do anything unless the viral load is over 20,000 ul/ml. What is your experience?
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Hi, can you provide all of your test results? The more history you have the better it is.

The upper limits of normal (ULN) for ALT in healthy adults are reported to be 29-33 U/L for males and 19-25 U/L for females.(94-96) For purposes of guiding management of CHB, a ULN for ALT of 35 U/L for males and 25 U/L for females is recommended
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Thanks for answering. My ALT is always 5 U/L for many years (normal value from the labs is 6-29 U/L) I asked the doctor that why I am lower than normal. He said that I have nothing to worry about. This time is 6 U/L (finally get to the lowest range of the labs). I have persistent very low ALT for many many years.  Dr doctor said that I have persistent normal ALT  for many many years and my hep DNA is between 2000 to 20000 ul/ml. I have  hbe antigen negative and hbe antibody positive. I am inactive hep b carrier.  I checked hepatic function and hep DNA every 6 months for many years. The DNA fluctuated from 6000 ul/ml to 9000 ul/ml in last 3 years but this time from 9000 ul/ml to 14000 ul/ml concerned me a little bit. But someone told me that if it is under 20000 ul/ml with normal ALT, I do not need to do anything. My last year ct scan liver was normal.  I do not think I need to do anything and continue to monitor in next 6 months. However, I would appreciate if you could give me your insight. Thanks a lot.
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