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Could I get hepatitis C from this?

I touched urine (not sure if there was blood in it or not), I washed my hands with soap and water after and fingered myself. Could I get hepatitis C?
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Hepatitis c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person though a fresh, open wound to be transmitted.
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So does that mean there is no risk from the scenario above?
Do you think it was possible for hepatitis c infected blood to enter your blood stream from the situation you described?

If you don’t believe Hep c infected blood could have entered your blood stream you have answered your own question. Only you can answer that part of your question as you were the only one present.

Some thoughts to help you consider your answer

Less than 4% of the US population has hepatitis c so your odds on encountering someone with hep c is low.

Hep c is not found in urinate I suppose if someone had blood in their iron there could be some amount of blood present in urine but having blood in urine is not normal.

If there was blood in the urine the odds of that blood having the hep c virus is low.

Assuming you washed your hands correctly you should have removed any urine from your hands.

You would need to have an open wound on your genitals I’m assuming you didn’t have an open fresh weeping injury in that area.

Just to add as an example, if  a healthcare worker experiences an accidental needlestick involving a patient was known hepatitis C the odds of transmitting the hepatitis C virus is only about 1.8% so your odds would be appreciably much less approaching zero.

If you would like a more informed response I suggest you are your personal physician. There are no medical experts here. I am simply a patient who had hep c for 37 years until cured with the recently approved hep c medicines.
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