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Anal Fissures, or Anal Herpes?

Last year I got my inital OB of HSV1 in my mouth (not tested but doctor did physical examination and assumed that what it was since I had 10-15 sores). Two weeks after I got checked out I used my spit as lube in a sexual encounter (did not let him kiss my mouth) and I cannot remember if all my mouth sores were healed. I've had a few more single sores in my mouth since then. Fast forward 3 months and I have done thorough herpes research and learned about self transmission. I then begin to freak out because I feel like I've transferred it to my genitals from my mouth because of that sexual encounter. A month after that I start getting tingling in my labia; no sores follow however. Then I start getting pain all the way down the backs and occasionally the fronts of my legs, mostly my right but sometimes both. The tingling gets progressively worse, where I have it every day for weeks on end (on and off) but still no sores or anything. I went to a few doctors and got some bumps checked out, but they were all swabbed, all ended up negative.
I went to my regular physician and told him about the tingling, which is worse in stressful situations, and the pain. He tells me he thinks the pain is just a pinched nerve and the tingling seems to be a manifestation of my anxieties about having transferred my HSV1 to my genitals. I asked to get prescribed daily acyclovir because I kept getting inner mouth sores during my period every month. Fast forward a few more months and the pain in my legs subsides to just random pangs in my buttocks or quad muscles. I still get the tingling but primarily when I'm getting anxious about an ingrown hair being an outbreak, occasionally when I get stressed about something else. I get my first anal fissure around this October, goes away in a few days. It makes me panic but I decide not to go to the doctor because at this point I've gone to the doctor around 12 times for herpes-related anxieties and they all end up testing negative and the doctors are telling me the chances I gave myself gHSV1 are slim to none. Still no outbreaks. Over this Christmas, I traveled and when I got back, I had some runny-ish bowel movements and had lots of tiny fissures that hurt pretty bad, but once again I refrain from going to the doctor, because I have been so many times, those took about 3/4 days to go away. I had missed a few days of acyclovir while vacation as well.
The past few days I didn't take acyclovir, this morning I drank a lot of coffee and didn't eat anything, and I've had two bowel movements today that were kind of soft (not runny like diarrhea though) and burned a little. Now I have another fissure that's pretty sore. I'm panicking and thinking it's gHSV1. Am I thinking too hard about this? I had never experienced anal fissures before (that I can remember) and I've had three in the past year. I don't know if I'm just being hyper-aware because I'm so focused on believing I have gHSV1 or if it actually could be gHSV1. Going to the doctor is getting so expensive just for them to tell me time after time I'm fine, but I still don't have real answers to my random leg pains or my tingling except that it's just a physical manifestation. Do I really have anything to worry about? I've used condoms with all partners except two which were both long term and tested clean. I've never got an HSV blood test but I assume it wouldn't be really helpful considering it doesn't tell the location of infection and I already have HSV1 orally.
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You are way overthinking this.

I'd suggest that you test for herpes, because after the first outbreak, it's really unusual to get sores IN your mouth as opposed to on your lips.

Even if you have it genitally (which I doubt since using spit as lube wouldn't be an effective way of transmitting anything), it wouldn't affect your bowels like this.

I'd agree that a lot of this is probably your anxiety, and maybe a pinched nerve. Are you getting help for your anxiety? You should focus on that more than worrying about autoinoculation, which is rare. Missing a dose of acyclovir wouldn't likely trigger an outbreak if you've been on it for awhile.

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