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Confused and Scared

I'm a little confused about some of the stuff I have been reading on line about HSV 1 and becoming infected in other areas.  So any help would be greatly appreciated..

I have been getting fever blisters (hsv 1) for years, and just over a month ago in a drunken fiasco, someone preformed oral sex on me.  A few minutes after it began I noticed she had a fever blister that was scabbed over, so naturally I freaked out.
About 5 days laters I noticed what appeared to be a small (about the size of an inkpen tip, or smaller), clear blister on my penis, next to my uretheral opening.  I ran my finger across the "blister" and it was gone, the area then had a small dot of blood where the blister had been.
Within 4 days and before I could get in to see my Dr. the area where the blister had been was completely healed and not even red anymore.

So I guess I have two questions:
1.  What are the chances of me getting genital hsv 1 if I already have oral hsv 1?
2.  Could something so small and gone so soon be a herpes outbreak?

I am totally stressed about possibly having genital hsv and not sure what to do.

Thanks for any help or advice

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To be honest it's not very likely that you would contract HSV1 genitally from this encounter for two reasons 1, Although she had a cold sore it was pretty much heale up and 2. Already having HSV1 Orally means it's unlikely that your outbreaks would change site to your genitals HSV1 prefers the Oral area an once established there doesn't often move.
The blister you describe doesn't sound like Herpes either there would most likely have been a cluster rather than a single spot ..... in saying all this I always prefer to keep an open mind as HSV is such an unpredictable virus we can never be absolutely certain what it will do. But in your case I wouldn't worry about it


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Thank you for your reply.  I have been completely stressed for a month or so now and the information you have given me is invaluable to my peace of mind.
My grandmother would always say...The best spankings you ever get will be the ones you give yourself.  And boy was she right.  I have learned my lesson.
Again, thank you.
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