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Okay, so I just got a full STD test panel done as I just started a new relationship. I was expecting everything to come back "negative," especially as I had a full panel done in April 2014 and everything was negative.

So I went to the clinic down the road, and low and behold I hear back today that I tested negative for everything but HSV-1?? Other than my new relationship, I've maybe kissed 1 person since my last test in April??

Is it possible that the HSV-1 IGM Screen and Titer results are false positives? I've seen so many things say that the test is unreliable? I have the chicken pox as a kid and know that rheumeutoid arthrisis runs in my family, I'm already guessing that I'm showing signs of it in my hands.

I have no physical symptons, nor have ever had a coldsore or anything like that.

I'm hoping someone can help me break down what the test results mean (posted below)? I would help me calm down a ton....


HSV 1 IGM SCREEN   Positive "A" (out of range column); Negative (ref. range column)
HSV 2 IGM SCREEN   Negative (in range column); Negative (ref. range column)

HSV 1 IGM TITER 1:14 (out of range column);  <1.20 (ref. range column)
HSV 2 IGM TITER  Negative
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The IgM test can be ignored. There are numerous false positives with this testing. If you have had symptoms recently that could possibly indicate a recent infection then perhaps you could reconsider a retest in 12 weeks.

Realistically though, this is such a flawed test. Many places no longer order the test due to issues with it.

Your IgG are the critical results. These indicate that you have no infection as of 12 weeks prior to the test and probably more recently than that. Unless you have an skin outbreak of something then I'd suggest you can safely move on.
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Thanks so much for your quick reply! Your response matches recent stories I've heard from friends. Truly appreciated.

My only concern, is that the IGM must indicate antibodies for something? But I definitely have no lesions or abrasions or cracked lips or anything...so what could trigger the 1.4? Is a 1.4 a relatively normal level, or is it high? I wish the lab results themselves were more helpful and came with instructions.
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I really wouldn't worry about the reading. The test is too flawed to even expend your worry on it. It should never be performed on adults.

Your blood contains heaps of proteins and one or more of them has stuck to the testing well. These proteins have nothing to do with HSV antibodies (or chicken pox for that matter).

The IgG is the result that matters.
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Hi Fleetwood,

Thanks again! I did just realize I had a typo in my earlier results:  it was supposed to be 1:40  for the HSV 1 IGM, not 1:14...does this make any difference to your earlier postings??

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Absolutely no difference. Remember that (true) IgM antibodies are erratic and only indicate an infection (and nothing more than an indication that has to be confirmed with IgG) if they are present in the first 3-4 weeks post infection. By 8 weeks they'd have long disappeared and IgG antibodies present.
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