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I'm a 22 year old female and I was diagnosed with HSV-1 (the oral herpes). I'm very paranoid and embarrassed about it. I turned to this forum to get help. I have a few questions I would greatly appreciate to have answered.

1. If nobody has kissed me and then gave me oral sex (carrying the herpes down to my vaginal/anal area) then can you still get sores/cuts around your vaginal/anal area even if you have HSV-1(oral herpes) and not HSV-2(genital herpes)?

2. Being diagnosed with HSV-1(oral herpes) and not HSV-2(genital herpes), does that mean I will now be able to have vaginal/anal sex with a guy who's not wearing a condom and him not get herpes?

3. If I have HSV-1(oral herpes), will kissing someone (when I don't have an outbreak) give them herpes?

4. Will I be able to give a guy oral sex (when I don't have an outbreak) without him catching herpes from me?

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No problem; but remember that an oral HSV1 infection is really little to get worked up about. Neither is HSV2 for that matter, but the reality is that oral HSV1 is incredibly common, it is to be in the minority not to have it!

1. Given you have an established oral HSV1 infection, becoming infected genitally is near impossible. There do seem to be some select cases for females, but they seem 1 in many hundreds of thousands to me.

2. Correct, your downstairs cannot transmit herpes. It can receive HSV2 though from an infected partner.

3. With a tiny probability you might. Of married couples in this situation, about half or more will go their whole lives kissing away without transmission from the infected party to the uninfected.

4. Same as 3. In addition, about 70% of guys have oral HSV1, hence they cannot become infected genitally. There is no (genuine) case I have ever heard of a male becoming infected genitally with an established oral infection. (Believe me, most guys will choose the oral sex!)

Most people do not having oral HSV1 alter their approach to relationships or sex in any way. Golden rule, steer clear if you have an outbreak is all you need.
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Fleetwood20 is spot on.  I have HSV1 and when I get an outbreak it SUCKS...like for 2-3 weeks sucks!  I did some homework on "natural remedies" and learned about BHT (which most on here will say is total BS) and the power of zinc (different kinds) and about Lemon Balm (which is awesome.  I take 250mg of BHT for almost a year now and haven't had an outbreak since (I had 4 last year in 6 months).  Eat healthy, exercise, and do your own homework and come to your own conclusion.  Just my 2 cents.  Prayers your way!
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The reason why I asked number 1 is because a couple of months ago I did get intimate with someone and I had something on the corner of my mouth and that was it, I didn't think anything of it because it didn't look all that serious. We kissed and then he gave me oral and then a week or two after is when I got the most painful cuts and open sores/wounds around my vaginal/anal area. It was terrible, I couldn't do anything properly because it hurt so much. I went to the doctors and they swabbed the spots and it came back as HSV-1 and not HSV-2. That's why I was stumped, the doctor said because you had something on your mouth and you were kissing and then he gave you oral is probably how it was carried down there.

That leads me to ask, even though I have HSV-1 and I got the sores/cuts on my vaginal/anal area does that mean that I have HSV-2 now? Which also leads me to ask number 2 again, even if I had those cuts/sores on my vaginal/anal area and I'm still diagnosed as having HSV-1 and not HSV-2 can I still have sex with someone who is not wearing a condom (when I don't have an outbreak)?
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That comment was for Fleetwood20.
By the way, cris01us ... is BHT prescribed to you or can you just go somewhere to buy it?
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I'm sorry there were a few subtle comments in your first post I didn't pick up on.

If I understand the situation, you have had an outbreak on your vagina that has swabbed positive for HSV1. That is conclusive. What it means though is that you got is from the oral sex as your partner has an oral HSV1 infection most probably.

HSV1 and HSV2 are distinct viruses defined by their own DNA. Location does not define the type, each of 1 and 2 can in theory infect any nerve ganglion of the body. So HSV1 is HSV1 and this is what you have genitally.

Transmission from the genital area is therefore possible but very unlikely. Better still if the partner already has HSV1, then there is no real risk.
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Ah ok, I'm more clear on this now. So just to sum it up,
if I have HSV-1 genitally and I'm not going through an
out break and I have sex with somebody who's not wearing a condom, then transmission is possible but very unlikely?
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That's spot on. And possible means say a 1 in 5000 chance per episode, and zero if that person already has HSV1!
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