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Herpes from a straw? Single bump on upper lip.

So I decided to join a female friend of mine at a lounge that was playing a band we both enjoyed, I ordered a non-alcoholic drink and she asked if she could try it, I said yes, thought nothing of it and 2-3 seconds later I drank through the same straw. This was about 17 days ago, today I noticed a single skin colored bump on my upper lip, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't itch either and I tried squeezing it a bit and some clear fluid came out it's also very small.

I'm a  little bit paranoid as she's known to be promiscuous, we didn't kiss though as I knew this about her but it hit me that we shared a straw, I'm not exactly on the verge of my nerves here but after a successful negative test for HSV-II (which has be filled with euphoria for a bit), well, this dragged me down a bit.

Here are some pictures:





Your input is always HIGHLY appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi, contracting oral herpes sharing thing would be more a risk for young children whose immune systems are not yet strong but for adults its really not anything to be concerned about. Needs direct rubbbing contact to be at risk.
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Thank you, that's good to know. :)
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