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Herpes from saliva ?

Hello everyone

I’m a male and met with a female CSW yesterday. The service that was provided was me receiving a BJ with a condom on. Here’s why I am a little concerned. She put the condom on my penis with her mouth but realized it was going in the wrong way so she flipped it over and condom finally slipped down. My concern is if there was some saliva at the tip of the wrong side can this spread herpes when it was put on the right way. Hopes this makes sense. Thanks.
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While in theory this could happen, it's not going to happen in practice. There's too much exposure to air and movement for any virus to survive, and it sounds like it was only in her mouth for a very brief time before she realized it.

Sharing drinks, eating utensils, etc., are the same - it can transmit herpes in theory, but especially if someone doesn't have an outbreak, it isn't likely at all. It's just not an efficient way to transmit it.

Thanks auntiejessi

Yes it was very brief. (Maybe 2 sec)  Didn’t notice any outbreak outside the mouth but not sure about the inside. Overall it seems like I don’t have much to worry and I can put this behind me. I believe Dr. HHH doesn’t suggest testing from a single exposure so I won’t be testing.

Thanks again for your help.
Herpes sores are usually on the lips, not inside the mouth. Sores inside the mouth are often canker sores, which are something entirely different.

Yes, you can put this behind you, especially for such a brief thing. I wouldn't worry even a bit. :)
Ok that’s great. Thanks again for your help. Take care.
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