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Is this herpes?!

Okay, so I've had a regular situationship for the last 5 months. He's clean, said he's been tested, all that jazz. As I have been too. Said he has only tested positive for HSV-1 (cold sores on lips) and he has never gone down on me while he has a cold sore. Or anything like that.

Well he's been too busy here lately so I had a guy friend come over and we fooled around. I had on underwear and he was grinding for a like 1 few seconds, and I felt the tip of his penis touch by my right side lip - if you will. I got up and we made out and that was it.

Fast forward to 5 days later - on my period, had a maxi pad on. Went walking and took 7500 steps. Well I went to bathroom and changed my pad, and I assumed my pad rubbed me raw in this one spot. It was red and hurt.
Its been 72 hours and the spot is still there. My 80+ year old nurse practitioner looked at it and said it didn't look like herpes to her. I took several camera shots of it the other night and it does look like a blister to me.

I feel sick, but that's me stressing myself out. It's one spot, but it's not healing like they have before when this happens. She told me that typically on a first break out they tend to be everywhere....it's only that one spot and no bigger then the end of a pen.

Any advice?
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Okay, so first, there's no way I can know if what you have is herpes. It's really unfortunate that your NP didn't culture the spot. That's the best way to find out if it's herpes.

If you can get to an urgent care or your NP or an STD clinic, they might be able to still culture it. The earlier it's done, the better, but it might still be possible.

If this is herpes, it's not from the 2nd guy. A brief touch isn't going to transmit herpes. It takes time and friction, usually the kind associated with intercourse.

Also really important to note - if your guy #1 has hsv1 orally, he is still infectious without a cold sore present. It's far more likely to transmit with a sore present, but there are times that the virus is active on the skin without symptoms.

It's really possible that this is irritation from your pad, or an ingrown hair or something else entirely. I hope you're able to get it cultured. Ask them to do a type specific PCR on it. If they can't do the PCR, at least have them do a regular swab, type specific.
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She was going to culture but it was dry and said it would either be a false positive or negative?

The guy with HSV1 tested negative for HSV2 and has only gone down on me once....but there was no cold sore present....which if that's the case. I have HSV1 as well, but if I feel tingly or have a cold sore - I won't do anything orally.

It's just painful....and my OCD/hypochondria are in overdrive.

Thank you :)    
False positives are very rare on cultures. False negatives aren't - it's usually because of the timing of when they're done. After they start to heal, it's harder to get a good sample.

Oh if you have hsv1 orally, it will be highly unlikely for you to ever get hsv1 genitally. You have antibodies that offer strong protection from getting it in another location.

It's not likely this is herpes from your recent partners, but again, only a test can tell you for sure.

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And I don't know if this is my anxiety. I keep feeling tingling or pains where I go pee. But there's nothing there. And when I pee - it doesn't burn or anything.....yet.
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