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Possible symptoms of herpes after unprotected oral and protected sex

Hello guys, I have read so many post but I can find something related to my concern.

So yesterday I received unprotected oral sex from a friend of mine not for a long time. I've known her for over 15years however her sexual life not really. She does not look like a wild person or anything like that.

Unprotected oral and protected sex, I did not see much a vaginal fluids. My underwear was completely dry. So today my right inguinal side is either soar or is starting to hurt. I've read that this could be a symptom of herpes but is not even 24 hrs past encounter. She did not have any lip soar or anything like that. I always look on lips before I engage on any activity.
I did see her today again and no lesions on her lips at all. We did not do anything we just talk and that was it.  
Could it be that my immune system is already fighting the virus?
How big of a risk was my encounter?
How concerned should I be?
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You wouldn't see symptoms so soon - it takes at least 2 days before you get any symptoms of anything.

Your risk was really pretty low.

Yes, you have a risk for getting genital herpes type 1 from the oral sex, as well as gonorrhea (not at all common), and NGU. NGU is an infection in the urethra that can be caused by normal mouth bacteria. If she didn't have any sores, your chances of getting NGU are probably the highest.

Having protected sex can still result in syphilis (not at all common), genital herpes type 2 and HPV. These infections are transmitted by genital skin-to-skin contact, and the condom doesn't protect all your skin.

However, getting anything from a protected encounter are pretty slim. None of this is anything I'd overly worry about.

Thank you for your response.
That's what I thought, I'm not going to lie it got me worried. I'm sure is nothing due to the timing (so soon). I've tested myself several times before and all of them came back .91< for both 1&2 (herpeselect). So I know I don't have it. I always do my best not to touch the other person skin to prevent skin to skin contact but sometimes is impossible. I always use underwear to prevent that as well.
It sounds like you may have a fear of herpes?

Maybe some stats would help ease your mind? If you tend to freak over stats, don't read any further.

We don't have transmission stats for oral hsv1, or genital hsv1. We do know shedding rates, though.

Shedding rates: (and you can find all this in the herpes handbook - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/)

HSV 2 genital 15-30% of days evaluated

HSV 1 genital 3-5% of days evaluated
HSV 1 oral 25% of days evaluated

HSV 2 oral 1% of days evaluated

We know transmission stats for genital hsv2:

Ghsv2 transmission, female to male, over the course of a year, assuming sex 2-3 times a week:

Only avoiding sex during an outbreak - 4-5%

Adding condoms OR daily suppression - 2-3%

Adding condoms AND daily suppression - 1-2%

We know that getting hsv2 from a one-time protected encounter are very low. Knowing that, and knowing that ghsv1 sheds less and recurs less, chances of anyone transmitting ghsv1 during sex is even less.

Obviously, these are just odds, but chances may be a lot lower than you think. Keeping your underwear on may provide you some peace of mind with the extra protection, but may also be depriving you of a fully-engaged experience.

Good morning and thank you for response once again auntie.
Yes, I am not going to lie. I know that is not the end of the world but just the waiting time to find out, dealing with it and medication.
I really doubt that I caught anything from this episode but I forgot to mention that also I developed some penile discomfort. It feels like if it was and is swollen or just plain discomfort. It comes and goes, it also started the day after but again not even 24 hrs? I'm thinking maybe  either a reaction of the condom or maybe her lipstick but at the it could a million of things like nothing at all as well.
Thank you so much for the stats.
You are awesome!
Yes, the timing of the symptoms suggest an allergic reaction or irritation to something, or anxiety.

I've had herpes for 15+ years. I promise it's not even a thing in my life. No one wants it, but it's not nearly as bad for most as people seem to think it is.

Still, your chances are low.

Have you ever been tested before? You could have hsv1 and not even know it - about half the adult population has it and 90% of those will never get symptoms. If you have it, you can't get it again. Test now, though, because if you test later, and it's positive, you won't know if it's a new oral or genital infection. If it's positive now, it's statistically a pre-existing oral infection.

Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test (those aren't available everywhere - the UK, Canada and some other countries don't like to give them).

Yes, I have. Multiple times but I stopped requesting it like 3 years ago. Since the results were negative .91< all the time. Herpeselct Igg something and never the other one. I can't remember the name. I stopped requesting it because they just don't want to do it or I guess is not part of the panel anymore. I went to see my doctor yesterday and explained to him what had happened and prescribed me some meds for UTI and also lab via urine. He said if I had something 2.5 days should be enough time to find something. I'm leaning more towards to an infection/reaction.
I really appreciate your help, we need more people like you. I feel like this forum is more educated than doctors. Thank you once again.
You're welcome. :)

Let me know what the results say.
Definitely I will. I just have a few questions now. Should I get tested for herpes based on this episode? If so, when? How soon or how long does it take for antibodies to be present/detected? Thank you
I wouldn't test based solely on this encounter, but that's up to you.

It can take up to 4 months to develop antibodies, but most will by 6 weeks. I'd test now, if you want to test, and if it's negative, again at 4 months.
Thank you for replying back.
The results came back negative for both.
So today is day 11 and I've notice some discomfort on both sides of my pelvic area. Yesterday I noticed some "itching" on my scrotum, I somewhat scratched it but I went to bed and today the same area feels more like a "burning" not that bad but it is definitely a bothersome. I checked and did not see or noticed anything. Is kind hard to pinpoint but it is there. It is not constant just the discomfort on my pelvic area. I'm trying not to pay to much attention to it and just go with the flow but it is becoming tougher to ignore all these symptoms. I really don't know what to do or think anymore. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
How much of this do you think could be anxiety? I'm not trying to minimize your symptoms - anxiety produces real symptoms that can be really bothersome.

It can also make you hyper-aware of things that you might always experience, but don't really notice.

These are all really vague symptoms, and don't point to anything.

What meds are you taking?
Honestly I don't even know, I do believe part of it might be. It is hard to tell what I have or what is going on. I know that my encounter was not really "risky" specifically when I used protection, boxers and I know I did my best on not touching each other. However, what I've been going through kinda makes me wonder and second guessing. I spoke to her yesterday via face messenger and again I did not see or notice anything on her lips. I think if she had something going on definitely will have shown up by now. Not taking any medications. Thanks once again
I forgot to ask, where does the first outbreak occurs? Does it happen where the parts of the body touched or it doesn't matter? Thanks
Yes, usually the first outbreak (and subsequent ones) would occur at the point of infection, though the primary outbreak is usually pretty bad, and you may have blisters in more than one spot.

Seriously though - have you asked her about this? I mean, don't accuse her, but just say that you realized that you all hadn't talked about STDs, and has she ever been tested? Let her know that you recently tested negative, and say that you wanted to tell her to put her mind at ease, if she was concerned. If she asks why you tested, tell her you did it just to be on the safe side for her protection.

My point is that you want this to be non-accusatory, and a gentle, open conversation. You want her to feel safe to tell you if she's ever had a cold sore, or any STDs, etc. Don't interrogate her, just have a conversation.

I don't know if there is some guilt affecting this as well, but remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
I did ask her and she also told me that if I wanted to she could go and get tested. I just left it like that because at the end what's done is done. Yes, I did talk to her and explained to her the way I was feeling. She also replied "you used protection if anything it wasn't from me". Don't really know how much of a help was that.
Yeah, I wouldn't push it anymore. She offered to get tested, which is nice, but you did use protection, except for oral sex, and she didn't have a visible sore, which really reduces the risk.

If you still have symptoms on Monday, go back to your doctor. Ask to be tested again for NGU. That can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, and 2.5 days is on the early side for testing.

In the meantime, go do something fun this weekend, and stay off the internet. Don't research anything, and try to keep your mind off it. :)  
So I'm here again, horrible weekend. Got a rush on penis head. Went to the ER and explained to the whole situation and gave me a shot of antibiotics and 4 pills. Ran blood and urine test again and all came back negative. Today in the the rush turned red, did not hurt or bother me but it really looks rare. Went back to see the doctor and he prescribed me some ointment. So here is where I'm already freaking out! Before I took a shower I've noticed the rush on the same location but on my foreskin, it looks puffy and maybe I'm seeing things but it looks like a little pimple is caming out. As of now it doesn't hurt nor burn. The doctor did give me valtrex and I'm supposed to take twice a day for 10 days. I hope I did not mess up but started to take it. I took one just right now. Any word of advice would be appreciated. Thank you
Valtrex 1000mg
Ok, rash went away. I'm sure it was the ointment. Sorry for bugging.
Okay, so the shot and 4 pills were treating you for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and NGU. It's WAY overkill, but docs do that. If you get a rash now, it could be a fungal infection, which is common after taking antibiotics.

Your immediate rash after wouldn't be fungal - that sounds perhaps like an allergic reaction to the ointment. What is that ointment called?

I have NO idea why they gave you Valtrex. Nothing sounds like herpes. Herpes isn't a little pimple. It sounds like maybe balanitis.  

Desonide 0.05%
So that's used to treat skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, etc. It sounds as if the doctor has no idea what's going on, and is just throwing a bunch of things at you, and hoping something will work.
It did take the rash away though. It's not red anymore.
Then it's not likely to be herpes at all, and probably some kind of dermatitis - a reaction to something, eczema, etc.
Thank you auntjiejessi, I guess that's my biggest issue. Doctors don't know what to look for and really no hope. It really sucks that I'm counting on them but their knowledge is bad. What am I supposed to do know? What should I do? I'm not going to lie but anxiety definitely is playing with my head. Specially going through all the things that I've gone through.
The only thing you can do now is wait. (I'm not good at that, either.)

Well, that's not true. If you have anxiety, talk to your doctor about it, get a referral to a counselor and talk about if meds are appropriate for you (they may or may not be). Focus on that for now, and test at 4 months.

Don't check for symptoms constantly. Look once a day. If you get a herpes outbreak, you won't miss it, I promise. Don't milk your penis, or squeeze it, looking for discharge - if you get a discharge, it will be there without you doing anything to see it.

If the rash comes back, or worsens, make an appt with a dermatologist. It may be eczema or something along those lines. If you are in a city or someplace with an STD clinic, go there. They have seen ALL the rashes, all the bumps. If you need help finding one, let me know. I don't need your exact location, just a state if you are in the US, or your province in Canada, etc.

And go out and have some fun. Do things you like to do - I don't know what that is, hanging with your friends, playing video games, sports, or whatever - but do those things. Focus on work or school or whatever you do. Get enough sleep, eat well, drink enough water and not too much alcohol or caffeine. These things will help you overall. Fatigue makes anxiety worse.

Hang in there. :)
Thank you for replying. My state is Texas.
One last question, what should I do with the medication (Valtrex)? Should I take it or not? I'm really trying to focus on something else but it is really hard. Thank you once again.
If the cream is helping, I don't know that I'd take the Valtrex, but I can't advise you on treatments. Keep it in case you need it later if you decide not to take it.

Here are some STD clinics in Texas (definitely call before you go as I have no idea how often they update these sites):


https://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center?location=texas - they have a sliding fee scale

You can also google "STD clinics Dallas" or Houston or Austin or wherever it is you live in Texas. I found these by googling "STD clinics Texas", without the quotation marks.

Let me know what happens.

Good lord! I don't know what to think, today I woke up with lower back pain. My right leg wants to cramp, from my right calf to my to my right foot seems like wants to go numb and now I feel nose dry like when you're going to get sick. Today is day 18. I'm trying to stay positive but it is getting really tough.
I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, but those aren't symptoms of herpes.

First, are you dehydrated? Drink plenty of water. That's often the cause of cramping.

Maybe you're getting a cold - are you a student or do you work with kids? It's back to school already in a lot of places, which is always a haven for germs. It could be allergies, too.

I mean, maybe you slept funny and just irritated a nerve or something. There's no need to panic right now, or get discouraged. Remember that your risk was really pretty low.

Good morning,
I don't think so but then I don't even know and probably I am. This is just draining my brain. I do feel the other people what they are going through, it is so bad. Last night I after I peed I felt some discomfort, more like a stinging not burning but it was there. I know you told me not check but I did and I noticed a white bump (patch) on the left tip of my urethra. I just checked and is still there but no pain just there. I'm gonna go see my doctor today and see what he tells me. I feel hopeless sometimes but what is done is done. I'm praying and crossing my fingers that I will be ok and hope the same for the rest of us. This can cause some serious stress! I feel you guys, this is not joke at all. Thank you auntie for all your help, thank you for riding along with me and the rest of the guys! I really appreciate it.
Let me know what the doctor says, and please bring up your anxiety, too.
Hi! I just came back and he said it was nothing to worry about. He prescribed me ciprofloxacin but I'm going to wait since I've been taking to many antibiotics. He also referred me to the urologist. I made an appointment with the dermatologist. I will see him tomorrow. He thinks anxiety is part of it too and I believe it as well. So I read a thread where you ans gracehhp answer a previous member, it was a while back and both of you mention 2-20. Grace mention "brand spanking new". I can't find it anymore, what did you guys mean by that? 2-20? Tomorrow will be my 2oth day. Thank you once again.
I don't know what Grace meant by brand spanking new, but 2-20 is the typical time frame for seeing symptoms after infection, if you are going to get symptoms.

I found this thread, though I'm not in it - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs---STIs/All-Test-Negative---Pain-still-persist-New-disease/show/1418927

(But googling anything with "brand spanking new" with our names in it gives you a lot of results about senior citizens getting spanked. I don't know why, and Grace and I aren't senior citizens lol. I advise against doing that at work, school or with others around.)

Keep me posted on the appointments.
Ok, so I have a question since I'm going through a lot of things and crazy. Can I take valtrex? What happens if I don't need it?
Sorry one more question. If it's ok to take them, how should I take them? They are prescribed as twice a day for 10 days. Valtrex 1000 mg I took 1 already can't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you
Why would you take it? Aren't your symptoms improving? If you don't need it, don't take it.

Valtrex won't hurt you, but there's no reason to take meds you don't need. At this point, it won't do much good. Valtrex for outbreaks helps most when you take it at the start of an outbreak. If you don't start it within 48-72 hours, it doesn't offer a lot of benefit.

Also, if you just keep taking meds, and something helps, you won't know what it is that helped.
Thank you for your response, I rather save them just in case. That is what I told my doctor but he and the rest swear to take it. I went to see the dermatologist and he prescribed me a different ointment. So at this point will be just waiting to see if I contracted the virus to show or test at 16 weeks right? Today is day 20, don't know if helps much.
Yes, personally I'd wait and not take the Valtrex right now.

You do have to wait until 4 months to test to know for sure. Hang in there!
Thank you ma'am, I will definitely keep you posted. You're an angel! I swear that you really helped me out a lot, calmed my anxiety and opened my eyes. I hope this stays the same and wait till the 16th week. Praying every day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
So the tip of my urethra is been hurting/burning and constant. It doesn't really hurt when I urinate. What could it be?
It could be urethritis, inflammation in your prostate (pain in the tip of your penis is a classic sign of this), or a few other things.

Can you see a urologist?
Not until Thursday, I'm thinking of going to the ER again. This is just killing me. :(
ER doctor wants me to go see and infectious disease dr.
You got in and seen in the ER in an hour?

Keep your appt with your urologist. You'll likely get in there faster than an ID doc.

Don't panic. Whatever it is, it's either curable or managed.

Remember that your risk was low. Don't forget that.
Thank you for your response and encouraging words. So I was wondering, what about it I take 500 mg of valtrex just to buy time till the 16th week? What do you think? Kinda like suppressive therapy.
Why? You have no signs of herpes. Don't take anything. If you take it, it could delay antibody production, and affect your test.

Don't take meds you don't need. If you did get herpes from this, and it's not likely, it would be genital hsv1 from the oral sex. Genital hsv1 doesn't recur very often - many people only get 1 outbreak ever - and rarely sheds, so suppression isn't even needed.

Do you have a counselor? Have you talked to your doctor about your anxiety? This is an overreaction to your encounter and your symptoms. I say this with compassion and not judgement, but you need to focus on your anxiety now. That's far more important than the low chance that you have herpes.
Ok, so pain/stinging/burning and discomfort have gone down drastically to the point of just feeling something here and there. We'll see what the urologist has to say and hopefully he can find the issue. I will keep you posted. Thank you
And without taking any medications
Quick update, urologist put on doxycycline hyclate 100 mg twice a day for 15 days. He ran another urine test and came back negative. Honestly I'm losing my mind now and I hope the medicine helps me. No improvement so far. Auntiejessi, you said that worse thing that I could get out of this encounter would be only hsv1 right? I know this is not the HIV forum but could it be possible? Would you kindly explained? Thank you.
WHY are you on doxy if your urine tests are negative? What is he treating you for?

No, HIV is not possible, and would not give these symptoms.
The urologist said posible prostatitis or something like that. I really think my issues are more like allergic or skin condition.  I have 11 more days to go.
oh ok - I hope it helps!
I have another question. Does the same rule applies for kissing? I forgot to mentioned that kissed to but don't know what the rates are or how easily can be transmitted orally. Thank you once again
What rules?

The only thing you might get from kissing is oral hsv1. That's it. Those symptoms would be limited to your mouth.

I have answered dozens of questions, and explained the risks, thoughtfully and thoroughly.

You have not answered mine - are you talking to anyone about your anxiety?
Yes, ma'am I am. I explained to the therapist the whole situation and we are currently working on it. I'm sorry I didn't mean to come across that way and I really appreciate all your help. I guess what I wanted to know if the timing, the risk and what I did would take the time and the same risk? I just wanted to know that.
I don't know what you are asking me - risk for what?

We've gone over your risks, in my first response to you. Your risks were quite low for everything, and you can re-read my responses for the exact things you were at risk for.

I'm sure I sound harsh right now, but I'm concerned I'm just feeding your anxiety now. I'm concerned your doctor is too, just giving you meds when there isn't any real evidence that you have anything wrong.
I know and I understand. I'm not going to lie but it is quite stressful going through this. I should have thought about it before but unfortunately I did not. Thank you for caring,  please don't feel that way and you're not harsh. In fact I think your awesome and I'm sure and hope this will help someone else in the future. I guess I'm not asking right but one encounter is low for either lips or genital? That's all, I did read your response once again. Thank you and please do not kick me to the curb, you're the only person that has helped me a lot.
Yes, low risk for lips or genitals.

If you got herpes from kissing, your only symptoms would be on your mouth. That would not be giving you symptoms you have now.
I spoke to my friend and asked her if she would go test for HSV and she said yes. In our way to the clinic she told me that when she was 17 she had a really bad outbreak on her face. It started under her eye and stop on part of her lip. She mention that it was really painful and as the liquid from the blisters would travel down, she would get more blisters. She said every now and then gets a little itchy but no symptoms ever again. She did mention that she was a virgin before that happened her. She told me that the doctor said to her it was not an std but it was herpes though. She also told me that had intercourse with someone almost 5 months ago. Crossing my fingers now.
Great, another case where someone has contact with HSV and their penis is burning constantly.  I’m in the same boat.  Yet everyone wants us to believe it isn’t herpes related.  You also said you had lower back pain.  Check for that for me as well.

I tried to have sex with a woman who has HSV2 one time, and within 48 hours my body got messed up.  Penis started tingling, then evolved to a burning feeling.  Doesn’t really hurt when I am actually peeing, but afterwards and I now deal with itching in my genital region and anus off and on.  

I believe the HSV blood test isn’t as accurate as they tell us, and doctors don’t understand this virus as well as they want you to believe.   Before this happened to me, I would have told you to trust the blood tests.  But once you actually are living in this nightmare, and you see how lost the doctors are after months and months of testing and time wasted, you start to realize they really don’t understand everything.  At this point I feel like my only hope is a spinal tap, or maybe even a nerve biopsy,  something that can actually look in my body and find this virus, because all signs point to it.  But it seems doctors are hesitant to perform those.

I was perfectly normal before I decided to try to have sex with this woman, and unfortunately for me the condom broke.  For me the most logical explanation is herpes.  They’ve checked my blood, vitamin levels, scanned my brain, done almost everything to find some other cause and it’s been over a year with no answer.  
Roefa, your friend may have oral hsv1. That's very common. About half the adult population has it.

You already knew that you might have a risk for genital hsv1 from this encounter - I told you that from the start.

However, just because she has it doesn't mean you do, too. You haven't had an outbreak. You need to stop testing for herpes until 4 months has passed. I believe anxiety may be playing a role in your symptoms, or something with your prostate (as your doctor has told you).

Have you finished your antibiotics?

RainyDay2 -

Please stop telling others they could have herpes. You have had a bunch of tests, all saying you don't have it. Have you had a western blot? If not, you should.

Otherwise, we know that you don't.
No, I haven't yet. I will this Friday though. I know, this is really tough. I'm really counting on no outbreak as of now. Also what we talked about earlier on the timing. I thought it will be a good thing because if her test comes back negative that definitely cut a lot of waiting time. That was the only reason why I asked for the favor. We went to any test lab now but there offices are closed due to hurricane. Hopefully the specimen won't be affected by the time they do test. Just one question, you mention that I haven't had an outbreak, is that a good sign? Thank you so much for all your help.
Okay listen to me.

I can't keep repeating myself.

This thread has 64 comments, 65 with this one.

There is a chance that you were exposed to genital herpes type 1. You won't know this for sure until 4 months has passed, or unless you get an outbreak. Yes, it's a good sign that you haven't had one yet.

Even if your partner has hsv1, it doesn't mean you got it.

Your symptoms are NOT indicative of herpes. You have seen a lot of doctors, and not one of them have said herpes. You got a rash which cleared up quickly with cream, probably dermatitis or fungal. Not herpes.

You don't have any STDs, as determined by testing. One doctor that you might have an infection in your prostate.

Have you seen a counselor? Talked to your doctor about anxiety?

I can't offer any more assistance than I have. You already know that you might not show positive on a herpes test for 4 months.

Continue to work with your doctor about your symptoms, but your most important thing now is to get help for your anxiety.
Sorry, her results came back and she is positive for HSVII 8.000 and negative for HSVI 0.3 reference 0.9. Now what? I guess I'm screwed.
Good morning, sorry about my last entry. Got scared! Anyways, I feel a lot better now, it seems like my anxiety has dropped and I guess now I have a clear view. I feel somewhat confident that probably I'm in the clear (praying God) but only time will tell and I will let it roll. I went to see my urologist yesterday and he thinks what I have is viral and not bacterial so he prescribed me valtrex but he didn't know what dosage to prescribe me and finally I told him the dosage for 1st outbreak 1000mg twice a day and that's what he gave me. I haven't had one outbreak but the itchiness and somewhat burning sensation just won't stop on the right side of my penis head. In a way I would want to start the medication just to see the reaction but I don't and ride it out until the 16 week mark. Thank you once again for all your help, I really appreciate your services.
You had protected sex. Your chances of getting hsv2 from her are very low.

These are transmission stats for hsv2, female to male, assuming sex 2-3 times a week, over the course of a year:

Only avoiding sex during an outbreak - 4-5%

Adding condoms OR daily suppression - 2-3%

Adding condoms AND daily suppression - 1-2%

Just avoiding sex during an outbreak would mean that you have about a 1 in 1000 chance of getting herpes from her. You used a condom, so that cuts that in half, and it was a one-time encounter.

You are not "screwed". I've had herpes from 15+ years, and I am not "screwed". It's a blip in my life.

Personally, I think you should wait it out until the 16 week mark, but that's me. You could also try it for a week or so and see if that helps - that won't affect your testing, but taking it daily until your testing time would.

Good morning,
I came back, I'm still having the same discomfort in my urethra. Would you please help me sort some things out? I know you mentioned NGU. If it is not allowed can I post this in a different forum? I had another urine test and it came back as follows:
Chlamydia: Negative
Gonorrhoea: Negative
Color: light yellow
Appearance: clear
Bilirubin: negative
Ketones: trace
Specific gravity: 1.012  ref.range (1.015-1.o22)
PH: 6.0 ref.range (4.7-7.8)
Blood: negative
Protein: negative
Nitrite: negative
Leukecite esterase: negative
Urobilinogen: L.   Ref. Range (0.1-1.0)
RBC: 3.        No ref. Range
WBC: 1.       No ref. Range
Mucus: present
Could this represent NGU? Or something else? Don't want to sound like a broken record but could HSV cause my symptoms? It been almost 7.5 weeks after exposure and a 5 week HSV 1/2 negative (dr order it). No lesions as of now. Just a kindly input. Thank you.
I just had a weird thing, I went to the bathroom and I've been constipated. To make it sure while I was in the toilet pushing I noticed that my penis was dripping white watery liquid. It did not hurt nor burn. Sorry for the nasty information. I'm somewhat scared. Thank you
It isn't herpes.

You don't mention what your symptoms are, but if you are still having symptoms, you should see a urologist. You have mucus in your urine, so that should be followed up on. A small amount may be normal, but you should follow up and see how much was present, or more testing may be indicated.

You had unprotected oral sex. You were at risk for gonorrhea, syphilis, hsv1, and NGU. You have tested negative for these (I don't know if you've tested for syphilis, but it wouldn't cause these symptoms, and it's uncommon.)

Make sure you are hydrated. You have a trace level of ketones. If you aren't diabetic, this could indicate dehydration. Since it's only a trace, you may not actually be dehydrated, but getting close. If you are dehydrated, it could cause burning when you urinate.

Drink water, not caffeine or alcohol.

You really need to follow up with your doctor now. If you are still having symptoms, your doctor needs to know that and continue to work on finding the cause of them.
Discharge during a bowel movement is often a sign of a prostate infection.



It can also be normal, if you are straining. The process can put pressure on the prostate, which will cause it to release fluid.

You really need to see a urologist.

Last friday I had a rapid test for HIV, Hep c and Syphilis and all 3 were negative. I going to test for HSV at the 12th week mark (4 more weeks). I am drinking plenty of water about 2 liters a day but since the episode not eating right. Thank you
Sorry as far the symptoms, I have this burning feeling inside my urethra that comes and goes. I stops for about a week or so and then it comes back, I was on doxy for 2 weeks twice a day and did not help.
Did you read the links?

This is not an STD. You need to follow up with your urologist.
Yes, I did. Thank you. I came to see my doctor and tomorrow I'll go see the urologist.
But it was probably started by my encounter. Don't you think?
It could have been triggered by that encounter, somehow, but it doesn't seem like it was caused by it. You had symptoms less than 24 hours later - no infection would give you symptoms that fast. That could have been the first time you had symptoms, and if not for that encounter, it might have been another week - or the next time you had an orgasm - that triggered symptoms.

This is all supposition, since we don't know what's going on with you, though. Just go to the urologist, and let him/her know everything you've told me.
I'm gonna try to kove on from the herpes idea, she is HSV 2 positive and negative for HSV1. She mention that her outbreak was a zoster or something like that and she was a virgin when that happened. I know that 5 week test order by my dr is not that good eventhough he told me yesterday to forgot about. Almost 2 months and no symptoms, I should have had something by now. Don't buy it but I will definitely going to test again at 12 week. Hoping that everything will come back negative. I will keep you posted, I will se the urologist today.
If she has hsv2, that's genital, and you aren't at any risk for that from receiving oral sex from her. She is only infectious from her genitals, not her mouth.

You can move on from herpes. You didn't do anything with her that put you at risk if she doesn't have hsv1.
Oh and you did have protected sex. Your odds of getting hsv2 from her using a condom are about 1 in 10,000.

You can move on.
Good morning,
So I went to see the urologist yesterday and he told me that he does not know what's going or what else to do. He said no bacteria just ketones in urine. He got upset when I told them that I didn't not the valtrex medication. He thinks what I have going on is Herpes.  I don't even know what else to do. He wants me to do blood work (CMP panel). I feel devastated, this Saturday is going to be 2 months going through this with no help or answers. I don't know who else to see. I had some routine blood work done a month after my exposure and my blood bilirubin was high 1.8 (r/ r0.2-1.0). Now I don't even know I possible caught hepatitis from this episode. I'm trying to relax but it is impossible having the same urethra symptoms and specialist not knowing what is going on. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Then take the Valtrex for a couple of weeks - that won't affect any future testing - and see if it helps. It doesn't seem as if the doctor will change his mind unless you take it and report back how it goes.

If your bilirubin is high, you NEED to follow up on that. Elevated bilirubin can indicate a lot of things. You weren't at risk for any viral hepatitis from this encounter.


Why does he think you have ketones in your urine? Why isn't he concerned about that? What was the level of ketones? If you have ketones in your urine, and you aren't diabetic, you could be dehydrated or have an electrolyte imbalance.

Every time that do urine samples ketones keep coming up, he requested the cmp test. I don't really want to take the medicine because I want to test at 12 weeks and I don't want take any chances. I want to make sure that I'm valtrex free. If I were to take the medication and takes the symptoms away, would that mean that I do have herpes?
Valtrex isn't going to help you. Valtrex helps prevent outbreaks. It doesn't help with neuropathy, which is maybe what the doctor thinks this is. Taking valtrex for a week or two at this point isn't going to affect your 12 week test.

I will be very, very, very surprised if you have herpes.

Something is going on with you - you have high bilirubin and ketones in your urine. That's what you need to focus on, not herpes.
I'm praying that what is going on is not that and nothing serious. I just don't understand why some  doctors are really bad. They can definitely kill you! They really need training or at least read the CDC website. Websites states 2-12 days and no IGM. They think it can take up to a year, test aren't reliable and still use IGM testing or think you're crazy. Thank you Auntie!
Hello, I'm back. Sorry but I have another question.  I developed two bump in my pubic area right where the opening of the boxer is/was and somewhat itchy. My urologist order a pcr hsv blood test. Is the pcr blood test the igm test? I can't find anything on the internet under that test. They call me today to notify me that it was negative. Thank you. On the 19th will be my 12th week.
Do I have to start another thread?
No, the PCR test is totally different than the IgM test.

It's looking for the actual DNA of the virus, and if it's negative, it is absolute proof that you don't have it. They usually reserve this testing for people who are having serious issues, like herpes encephalitis, which is very rare.

You do not have herpes if they didn't find herpes DNA. You can move on from it now. :)
Thank you for your response, the reason I was asking is because I read a few responses from Terri and grace where they mentioned that it was useless and a waste of time and money.
Well, without knowing why they said that, or why the person was asking, I can't comment on those answers. If the person already had negative tests, or had no symptoms or risk, etc., then a PCR test would be a waste of money and time.

As I said, it's usually reserved for trying to diagnose serious complications, like trying to diagnose encephalitis before herpes antibodies have had time to form, and can be done on spinal fluid.

I think it was an extreme test for you, but it does provide some answers you needed to move on.

Oh and I say extreme because the test isn't cheap, you've already been testing negative, and you don't have any serious complications they needed to use this for.
Okay then, I stand corrected. I trust Terri Warren and Grace, and I can't find anything on PCR blood testing accuracy, so I'll defer to them.

Have you followed up on the bilirubin and ketones?
Yes, the doctor did not say anything. It has been really difficult because it seems like they just don't care. I really don't know what else to do. I took another hsv igg test today. I hope it comes back negative, If it does, I guess it will help a lot with the symptoms and waiting game. Today is week 10 and 5 days.
And also the dermatologist took a 2 samples of the bumps, no swab just took a sample from my skin.
Like a biopsy? That's awesome.

When you're a patient, you have to become an advocate for yourself. You have to research and get really good at pushing for what you want, and go into each appointment with a list of questions, and don't leave until all of them are answered.

It may go against your nature, but after awhile of this, it will become your nature. You will start asking why each test is being ordered, what the accuracy of each test is, what the medication is, why they ordered that particular med, what each diagnosis is, etc.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a doctor hands you a prescription and says, "it's just for a mild infection". What kind of infection? What's the name of it? What's the medication?

You're intelligent, and they should be telling you these things. Sometimes, you have to make them care.

I know, the thing here is that they get offended. I think that is the main reason my doctor and the urologist just don't care. Yes, it was a biopsy. I hope is nothing bad, although my biggest concern is herpes. I went to any lab test to get my blood drawn. She said that the results will be in by tomorrow evening. Crossing my fingers.
Seriously, who cares if they get offended? You and your doctors are a team. They are not your superiors. You deserve to get your answers.

Let me know about your results.

Yes ma'am, I will.
I was reading a thread "should I get the WB" and there was a link for Terri's website and on that link Terri answered that the best an Igg test can do is at 12 weeks. Did I read it wrong? She did not mentioned 16 weeks. Does that mean an Igg test is conclusive at 12 weeks? Thanks

For that particular person, who is confused2019 here, 12 weeks is enough to determine his status. He had no known exposure, doesn't have hsv1, which can sometimes slow down hsv2 antibody development.

He had a positive IgM test, so he was testing to make sure that was a false positive.

For most people, 6 weeks is enough, as most will seroconvert by 6 weeks.

You have a doctor who keeps mentioning herpes even though you continue to have negative tests. You've also had a positive partner, and have some anxiety (understandable, given the situation and your doctor) around this.

You have some symptoms. If you had herpes, you'd have tested positive by now.

I'm not going back and reading through 100 comments, but I'm pretty sure I've said I don't think you have herpes a number of times, and that your testing is proving that.
Good morning, I understand. The only test I had was at 4 and 5 days. Yesterday I took another one but I haven't received the results yet. I was just asking because I was not to sure how hsv2 can delay hsv2. I will let you know the results of yesterday's test. Thank you for helping us out.
Good morning,
I just received my results from 10 weeks and 4 days.
HSV1 .200 and HSV2 .200
I have an appointment next week and the dr. Is going to test me again. That will put me at 12 weeks and 2 days.
Sorry ms auntijessi but I hope you understand. You should I stop the agony now? Or wait until next week? Thank you ma'am.
It's not going to change in a week. You can test if you want, but I see no point in it. Those are very low results, and it's a waste of time to continue focusing on herpes. Every single test has been negative so far.

You now have conclusively negative tests for every single STD. Whatever you're experiencing is NOT being caused by an STD. Continue to work with your doctor, but please be at peace knowing it's not an STD.
Hello, I'm back. This saturday will be my 16th week after this nightmare. I wanted to stay way from the forum but to be honest it's been really hard. I did test negative at
12 weeks and 2 and 3 days. Both tests were igg negative for hsv1 and 2. Auntijessi, sorry to bug you again but what would you recommend? I know I've been a pain in the butt but I hope you understand. Would you please let me know? Thanks
You had unprotected oral and protected sex?

I'd recommend you move on from it, and have said that already, but clearly that's not happening. I have a feeling that no matter what I say, you're going to test at 16 weeks. I wish you wouldn't - chances of false positives are high enough that it concerns me for you, and it will send you down an anxiety spiral that will take weeks to come out of.

You need to start thinking about what you will do after you test negative at 16 weeks, if you test again. It's time to consider therapy. Really.
Hello auntijessi, how are you? I hope you're doing great. As you mentioned to me, yes the 16th week IGG test was also negative. Both came back at .200. I just wanted to say thank you for everything, thank you for being part of this long journey and sorry for being a pain in the butt. I was hoping to get a better answer from the clinicians but I guess my case is one of those and only time will tell if the test was accurate for HSV 1 and/or if my ex-friend was in fact positive for HSV 1 or not. Either way the blot was not recommended by the clinician. Thank you once again and think it is time to move on with my life. You're a great person, good heart and very knowledgeable. God bless you! ()}-,---
You can move on and know you don't have herpes. You don't have symptoms of it, and your tests were negative.

You're welcome, and I hope you find peace with this, and best of luck to you.
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Auntijessi please quote me where I told roefa he has herpes....

I am simply someone living with the same undiagnosed problems I seem to come across on herpes forums again and again and sadly for me all my problems started after I tried to have sex once with someone who told me they have HSV2. I never tell anyone what they do not or do have.  I am giving them my story and what I’ve been through trying to solve this nightmare.

The Western Blot is not worth it for me.  As accurate as they say it is, it still only looks for antibodies.  It doesn’t detect the virus.  

My goal is to find the root of these symptoms I’ve been experiencing for a over a year now.  Every test I’ve taken is negative, but the symptoms remain. And just to be clear, all other available STD tests can detect the actual virus from the specimen taken.  The HSV blood test is the only one that cannot.  That is the main reason behind my distrust of the test, not to mention it’s a known fact that herpes is a virus that has become very adept at hiding from the immune system.

Again, please remember all of my issues began directly following exposure to HSV.  I have every logical reason to believe the blood tests are wrong, when my body is telling me I am infected with something that has affected my genitals for this long and that repeats itself in constant cycles, and all symptoms CAN be aligned with herpes.  

If you have herpes, you'll have antibodies, unless you are seriously immunocompromised, like undergoing chemo, have AIDS, etc.

There are tests you could do. You could do PCR swabbing over a certain period of time to see if any hsv is detected on your skin. The Western Blot is the gold standard, and is a different kind of antibody test.

I never said that you told him he has herpes. I told you to stop telling people they "could have herpes" based on symptoms. You also implied that he shouldn't trust test results. That's not fair, and promotes unnecessary fear in others who might read this.

His situation is also very different than yours - his exposure is very recent and he is still in the testing window. You are not. His doctor has suggested prostate issues could be causing his problems. He has a reasonable explanation for his symptoms.

If you truly wanted to find the source of your symptoms and move on from herpes, you'd take a western blot test. It makes no sense that you refuse to take it. Herpes wouldn't cause your symptoms, herpes would have shown up on your tests by now since you are not immunocompromised, and you are refusing confirmation testing.

You can choose to believe what you believe, but please do not spread your misinformation to others.

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