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Sorry I posted in this forum last week but had one other question. Long story short I was tested back in the middle of 2015 and it came back negative. I received oral sex from a female abouut two months ago but did not notice any sores or anything. I found two red bumps on my shaft and went to the doctor and he said he didnt think it was herpes but took a culture and it came back negative. They did not hurt and not burst or anything. I had them appear in the same spot about two weeks ago but same thing just red bumps. My question is..is my risk worth getting tested again and risking a false positive or something?

I read on the CDC website they do not recommend routine testing unless you are high risk. I am assuming this is due to false positives?

1) should I get tested or stop being worried?
2) why would the CDC not recommend testing?

Thanks again.
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1. If you tested 3 months post any exposure then its conclusive and no futher testing is needed as the oral is low risk anyway.
2. because of false positives confusion.
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So if no symptoms are present than there is no need to test? At least that is what I took from the CDC article

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I feel if a person is sexually active they should have a herpes test as if a person have oral hsv1 it can be passed to someones genital area from oral sex.
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I agree guess I am just nervous of getting a false positive when my risk was relatively low.
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It has been only two months but no symptoms except for red dots which I think are irritation so I will have to wait another month
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No from your last affair, you could have had this from childhood
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sorry say that again dont quite understand
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