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Valtrex as a precaution last month of pregnancy

Hi so I received my herpes test results over the weekend and was feeling good bc my hsv 2 igg results were negative. My hsv 1 results were definetly a positive so I believe it crossed over to my hsv 2 igm results and caused them to be positive. I know igm results are not reliable so I was not worried. I'm also pregnant that's why I pushed to have a herpes blood test bc I wanted to be tested for everything, although I haven't had symptoms of herpes from what I understand many people don't so I wanted to be sure. Anyway the nurse called me today saying that although the doctor doesn't think I have hsv2 and that the positive igm result was bc of the crossover she wants to put me on valtrex the last month of my pregnancy as a precaution. As far as I knew valtrex is a medication for hsv 2, so if she doesn't think I have it why take it. Has anyone else heard of this? Should I ask to be retested. Of course I want my baby to be safe but at the same time do I want my birth experience to be different if it doesn't have to be? Do I have to explain to my family why I'm taking this? My husband is aware and he's never had symptoms either so he's more whatever about it. Of course I will talk to my doctor more in depth when I see her but that's not for a few more weeks. Has anyone else had this experience?
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My suggestion is follow your doctors advice, the antivirals won't do you harm over the month.

Do I think you have HSV2? Not at all. The issue is that IgG testing can be off while pregnant. Not likely but possible.

Your doctor has weighed the risks and advised you accordingly. Cautious, definitely. Most doctors do not worry these days, even with confirmed HSV2.
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