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An actualy accurate home BP monitor?

Hi folks,
The short version is I need an actually reliable and accurate blood pressure gauge for my 92 year old landlady. I have researched numerous models by pouring through reviews by people who bought them.

The first thing I do is go to the 1 star ratings. With any product. If I see a sizable percentage of people all complaining about the same thing, I figure there's a problem.

Every last one of them, regardless of recommendations from big name sites all have the same sizable percentage of people saying they are inaccurate and that they compared them with their doctors professional unit and they are off by a lot.

I'm not sure What I hope to get there beyond more people's experience with whatever model they have, but can't hurt to ask. I cannot have her BP readings being off and inconsistent when trying to determine when and whether to giver her her medication.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated after this most frustrating exercise.

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My much trusted doctor told me to get Omron brand. They have different models. Get a middle of the road one in terms of cost. But you can count on that brand being good.  They told me to log bp readings.  Take them 3 times a day. Rest feet flat on ground, arms at heart level and think relaxing thoughts or focus on a picture on the wall type of thing. Do it for 6 weeks to 3 months and you will get a good trend.
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