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Managing Blood Pressure: Choosing Between Allopathic and Homeopathic Treatments

My mother, aged 56, is experiencing issues with her blood pressure. In the morning, it was recorded at 170/100. Throughout the afternoon and evening, it stabilized at 140/85, and before bedtime, it is at 128/82. (We recently acquired a blood pressure monitor machine.) These readings have remained consistent over the past three days.

Now, the question arises:

which form of medication—allopathic or homeopathic—is more suitable for her condition?

Additionally, If allopathic then which option is better for consultation, a cardiologist or a general physician in this situation?
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I was about your mom's age when I began blood pressure medication. Life style can help if she has not already worked on these things. They include regular exercise if she is cleared medically to do that, eating properly, rest, giving up alcohol, losing weight. But I was chasing my blood pressure numbers for a long time. I triggered questions about it on several doctors visits. Finally when I had a reading of 170/100 in the doctors office, my doctor said I had two choices. Go to the ER OR start blood pressure medication that day because I was playing with fire. I started medication that same day. My blood pressure almost immediately dropped with a low dose of Losartan. I never knew I felt bad from my high blood pressure but once it was controlled I realized I had been and just didn't know it. I felt SO much better.

You don't need a cardiologist. You don't need a naturopath. I'd treat this fully with medication. She's had time to realize that her bp is high since she's got a monitor and lifestyle things aren't really doing much. Natural medicine is untested and unclear what will help. I'm FOR natural remedies by the way but the BEST thing I ever did was start BP medication. I probably put years on my life. Remember that high blood pressure affects the kidneys and lungs as well. You do damage with untreated bp over time.

I have had zero downside from medication. At her age and with those numbers, I wouldn't wait.

And furthermore, many have genetic components to their hypertension that make lifestyle and homeopathic remedies ineffective.

I take 25 mg of losartin. I had about a week of adjusting to it at most where I thought I might be a little dizzy but not that I really could say for sure and some chest tightness. That's it. Now my bp is controlled so I can work on other things. I still work on lifestyle things and use supplements (that won't interact with my medication) but feel confident that my bp isn't silently causing damage.
I've never seen a cardiologist. For simple blood pressure elevation, your primary care doctor can handle treatment.
Agree with having your BP monitored/treated by your PCP. Mine was done that way for 30 years. That being said I do have a cardiologist now to whom I was referred by my PCP when a routine low dose screening CT revealed minor calcification of the coronary arteries according to the associated radiologist report. He assumed responsibility for my blood pressure Rx, which wasn’t initially changed from my original med (Lisinopril).
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